Jun 272020

North Central College, and specifically President Troy Hammond is no friend to Naperville residents, businesses, and precisely Naperville’s Police Department.

This became crystal clear when North Central College (NCC) granted permission to the Naperville Police Department (NPD) to use a residence building as a staging area for about a dozen standby special response tactical officers if needed during a protest in downtown Naperville, then during the protest, the college withdrew permission and requested the NPD officers to leave campus.

Hammond was quoted as saying, “police presence of this kind causes trauma” to the psyche of faculty, staff, and students, and for that he was “sorry”. Hammond was OK with contributing “trauma” to Naperville residents by withdrawing support for the city by having college officials request the NPD leave college property.

Numerous times NCC has requested help from the city for various reasons, and the city has provided that help, but when it came time for the city to ask the college for help, NCC slammed the door in the face of the NPD, thereby doing the same to Naperville residents and businesses.

In time NCC will be back asking the city for help. We can hope city officials will remember how inconsiderate the college was in a time of need for residents.

If and when NCC needs the help of the NPD, you can be sure college officials will be calling the NPD. Maybe NCC should try to quell the disturbance first before making that call. Let’s see if NCC President Hammond, if he is still employed by the college, can deal with the uprising on his own.

Jun 202020

Orland Park is a very nice town, similar to Naperville, but with slightly less than half the population. Mayor Keith Pekau, said “enough is enough” when it comes to Illinois Governor Pritzker’s ‘weird science’ and ‘asinine display of logic’ in keeping the economy in lock down, and at best, slowly opening it at the speed of pouring honey on a cold January day.

Mayor Pekau is a big-time supporter for Orland Park businesses and residents, however he is no fan of Pritzker’s policy of hurting residents and business. Watch and listen as he makes his point with numerous examples of Pritzker’s lunacy in governing:

The State of Illinois is in big trouble financially. Is it any wonder why. One only has to consider the huge void in leadership, when you consider our governor, two senators, and mayor of Chicago. You have to give credit to Mayor Keith Pekau for calling out Pritzker. Somebody has to.

Jun 132020

Now that protestors and thugs have gained a foot-hold in getting politicians to fold like a bad-tent, they’ve been embolden to push the envelope and ask/demand for more. What better solution than to defund local police departments.

What could possibly go wrong. Who wouldn’t be in favor of that. Think of the possibilities. Consider it an experiment, similar to using explosives and alcohol simultaneously on the 4th of July, or asking your drinking or bowling buddy to pack your parachute prior to sky-diving, or putting your home on-the-line at the roulette wheel in Vegas.

I think it would be an amazing idea with a few caveats. I would exclude de-funding the police department in my home town of Naperville. I would also exclude the towns my children and grand-children live in, and don’t defund police departments in all cities that have MLB teams, and maybe NFL and NBA teams (OK, let the soccer cities go). Also I would want to keep police departments in all cities and towns that I may travel to. (never end a sentence with a preposition).

Also defund all the police departments in the great State of Iowa, AKA ‘God’s country’. “Is this Heaven, no it’s Iowa”. Iowa is the only state where it only rains at nighttime, you can leave your car keys in your ignition at all times, never need to lock the doors to your home, where all the men are strong, all the women are beautiful, and all the kids are well above average. Well, on second thought, keep funding those police departments because that’s probably why Iowa is Iowa; great security and police presence.

Numerous cities and municipalities are considering defunding their police departments. Residents may not be too excited about the idea, but local politicians, city councils, looters and thugs are getting on-board with the idea. I say they should give it a try and see what happens with the caveat that they not be allowed to escape to cities with police departments. Let’s see how that works.

Jun 062020

It had to happen sooner or later. Given a sufficient amount of time, anything that can happen, will happen. And happen it did, on Monday night, when more than 30 businesses throughout the downtown Naperville area and a few on the outskirts of town were vandalized and looted.

The city of Naperville is a big prize for those wanting to destroy it. It’s full of upscale stores with owners that take pride in their businesses. One business owner was disheartened by the destruction and mentioned she is a “nice person”, as if this shouldn’t happen to ‘nice’ people. Nice people make great targets for not-nice people.

It’s so much better for vandals, and looters, and those with intentions to destroy to make it happen in nice communities like Naperville, Hinsdale, Geneva, Lake Forest and Barrington, than to do it in towns like Wheeling, Cicero, Berwyn or Calumet City.

Mayor Chirico made a valiant effort to defuse the situation with the protestors, which he did. Things were fine for the most part during the day with the protestors, but by nighttime, the thugs emerged and things deteriorated. Thugs tend to sleep-in during the morning and early afternoon.

Tuesday night during the first part of the city council meeting, the mayor looked tired and deflated. He might have been anticipating a lot of negative comments during public forum for ‘taking a knee’ with the protestors. Only one took issue with the mayor and city officials:

By the middle and at the end of the city council meeting, the mayor looked invigorated and energized. The good news, as the mayor said, there was no loss of life, and the buildings were still standing. That’s a huge win. The not-so-good news is there was a lot of vandalism, destruction, and some injury, including one person in the hospital in serious condition.

The concerning news is that it can happen again. Given a sufficient amount of time, anything that can happen will happen, again.

May 302020

The Naperville city council is finding it easier and more enjoyable, to announce new resolutions, than to ‘enforce’ them. It wasn’t that long ago when one Naperville resident complained to the city council about a honey bee in her bird bath. Council members did a lot of huffing and puffing and pontificating, and shortly thereafter passed an ordinance against bee keepers and the bees they keep. Council members celebrated in their battle victory over beekeepers, only to lose the war, when beekeeping proliferated as more residents learned about honey bees and the benefit honey bees provide to our environment.

Fast-forward to now when the city council adopted a resolution denouncing racism, in response to recent events including a resident making a comment which was considered as offensive and derogatory during the April 17 city council meeting. This followed other events including an offensive comment by a high school student on social media, an insensitive comment by a gas station attendant towards a group of Latino girls, and an ill-advised comment towards a group of African Americans by a patron at Buffalo Wild Wings.

If one woman with a bee in her bird bath can cause the Naperville city council to swarm into action, imagine what four individuals making insensitive comments, can cause the council to do, and they did it.  They approved a resolution stating:

“The city of Naperville denounces all acts of racism, intolerance and unlawful discrimination and will not tolerate them of any kind, and expresses its disapproval and condemnation of any racist , intolerant and unlawful discriminatory acts, including the recent attacks on Asian Americans in Naperville.” It went on to state that residents should be respectful to each other in order to “advance equity and inclusion to achieve a truly diverse, inclusive, and tolerant environment for all residents.”

Wow, you have to admit that’s a lofty goal with impressive wording. The resolution provides a firm decision to do something. But to do what?

It was less than one week later, over Memorial Day weekend, when racist remarks were spray painted on Naperville Park District property just east of Rt. 59 on Leverenz Road near Cantore Park. Park district executive director Ray McGury, denounced the vandalism and stated he has “no tolerance” for this.  Other groups chimed in by saying they “will not tolerate acts of hate or racism”.

Huffing and puffing and muscle-flexing is great, but to what end?

May 232020

What used to make for a comedy skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live) has now become real-life news. Illinois prisons are opening their doors releasing ‘bad guys’ into communities. If this doesn’t trouble you, then you will be delighted to know that more violent offenders will soon be joining those already released. Inmates won’t need a key to get out, they will simply walk thru the revolving door. If being a police officer is not difficult enough, this adds more difficulty.

WREX: Almost 4,000 inmates released from IL prisons, 64 convicted of murder

What this means is there could be 4,000 or more new neighbors, including 64 murderers, moving into your neighborhood. For those of you, including a former Naperville city council woman, who want Naperville to become a “Welcoming city”, this is your chance to get out your ‘Welcome’ mats.

Just when Illinois Governor Pritzker is asking/demanding the rest of us stay confined at home, he is letting thousands walk out of prison. It was unclear whether Pritzker made the announcement from his second home in Florida, or from his vacation home in Wisconsin. Both Florida and Wisconsin are safer than Illinois, plus they provide Pritzker more distance between himself and the inmates he released.

How is this connected to the Naperville city council? That’s an easy answer. With COVID-19 playing havoc with Naperville’s revenue streams, the city council will be looking for ways to cut expense. This is no time to reduce Naperville’s Police Department budget. It’s vital to the residents and businesses in Naperville to be as safe and secure as possible. If anything, the NPD should be provided with as much additional support as possible.

May 162020

If you have the expectation that city council meetings consist of mostly boring city council members listening to mostly boring topics, you would be absolutely correct. Yes occasionally a council member will throw another council member under the bus, or someone will make foolish remarks which are recorded on video for eternity, or someone will doze off at the dais, or look goofy on the Zoom platform, but for the most part meetings are boring.

However there are those of us who are attracted to boring, including myself, though a good-old-fashioned bar-room brawl behind the dais would liven up the festivities for the evening. Unfortunately COVID-19 eliminates that possibility.

So for now, all we can do is watch Naperville city council meetings via the Zoom platform. If you are interested in how to go about watching council meetings, or making a comment, and what the rules are, the following information from the city website will tell you all you need to know.

Here is what I will be looking for during this Tuesday night’s meeting:

  • Has Kevin Coyne finally had a haircut?
  • Has Judy Brodhead moved one single book from her book shelves?
  • How many pictures behind her has Patty Gustin replaced with pictures of herself?
  • Has Paul Hinterlong changed the angle of his camera to reduce the size of his nostrils?
  • Has Pat Kelly finally replaced his clone with himself?
  • Has John Krummen finally utilized the empty shelving behind himself?
  • Has Theresa Sullivan turned the world globe behind herself to something other than China?
  • Is Benny White still sitting in the basement of a funeral home?
  • Can Mayor Steve Chirico still withhold his inner rage towards council members with their silly comments?
  • And what’s the deal with all the stuff behind city manager Doug Krieger; is he moving in or moving out?
  • And finally what’s up with Naperville city attorney Mike DiSanto; why is he always getting up and down, and looking over his shoulder?

Looks like you can expect another fun time with the city council this coming Tuesday night.

May 092020

It seems as though Naperville city councilwoman Judy Brodhead has been sitting on the Naperville city council for years and years if not longer. Her expiration date is long overdue like a gallon of milk sitting in the fridge since time began, and there it continues to sit, along with Brodhead serving no worthwhile purpose on the council.

Years ago the residents of Naperville voted in favor of term limits, yet here she sits still on the city council. Find a picture of the city council in 2009 and you’ll see her there. Brodhead is like gum on your shoe on a hot August day; she simply won’t go away.

If she is a champion of anything, it’s flagrant hypocrisy. She was recently offended by a comment another council member made. If she is offended by anything, it should be her own shameless hypocrisy, but how quickly she forgets what she has said and done in the past, only to reverse her words and actions later, and willing to discard her previous position for self interest.

In 2011 Naperville residents overwhelmingly voted in favor of changing at-large representation to district representation. It was a landslide vote 66% to 34%. To say the council, including Brodhead did not like the result of the vote is a massive understatement. They decided to do a do-over vote. They obfuscated the wording of the do-over referendum so that a ‘yes’ vote meant the opposite of the first referendum, thereby confusing the voters enough so the result of the vote was reversed. Brodhead made no effort to honor the original vote and will-of-the- people, yet now with the referendum for approving recreational use of marijuana she preaches the importance of honoring the results of the referendum.

Watch and listen to her hypocritical mantra which she professes over and over and over at recent council meetings:

So now she is saying don’t “discount the vote”, yet that’s exactly what she did with district representation.

How quickly Brodhead forgets the issue of forcing residents and businesses to accept the installation of Smart Meters on their homes and businesses, to the point residents were arrested unless they acquiesced. Again, she has forgotten the huge issue district representation. Additionally, the hot topic of Fifth Avenue Development is unresolved. Forgetting or selective memory, which is it.

Brodhead talks about the ‘clear result’ of the 53% to 47% in favor of recreational marijuana and how it needs to be respected, yet the 64% to 36% result of district representation is NOT a clear result? How hypocritical.

Brodhead is so hypocritical that she ‘assumes’ and then immediately states she should ‘not assume’.

Watch and listen as Brodhead again tells us to ‘respect the vote’ when she has time and again, not respected the results of a vote.

It’s been said that at the college level ‘those who can’t do it, teach it’. Looks like Brodhead is the classic example.

May 022020

The City of Chicago council meetings are very different than Naperville city council meetings, other than the Zoom platform they both use. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that a recent Chicago council meeting turned into a ‘profane, finger-pointing circus’. An unidentified male voice was heard saying, “No one here knows what the f*** they’re voting on.” That was followed by Alderwoman Susan Sadlowski Garza saying, ‘This is a total s**t show’. ” Comments not normally heard during Naperville city council meetings.

Naperville city council meetings are often boring at best, or very boring at worst. Topics are dull and presentations qualify as sedatives. It’s easy for the mind to wonder, and now with Naperville using the ‘Holllywood Squares’ style Zoom platform during COVID-19 it’s easy to focus on anything other than what is being said by council members. I found myself looking at the backgrounds of where they were sitting, and getting caught up in extreme ‘close-ups’ of the council members. Some of Watchdog’s observations and deep thoughts included:

Maybe in order for the Naperville city council meetings to become more interesting for viewers, the mayor would consider keeping council member microphones on, so we can get the full flavor of what council members are really thinking.

Apr 252020

Is it really that difficult to extend an apology? Apparently it is for Naperville councilwoman Patty Gustin. Could it be she has no political aspirations? If there was ever a political candidate looking to commit political suicide, other than Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart in 1988, it’s Patty Gustin.

Gustin has been prone to digging herself into holes, and not wanting to throw away the shovel. It happened again in March when she made a ‘character attack’ against two other council members, Judy Brodhead and Benny White, during a council meeting.

During discussion, to support recreational marijuana sales in Naperville, Gustin said, “I’m kind of surprised I have two teachers sitting next to me that are promoting recreational marijuana distribution”. Both Brodhead and White were offended by her remark, and said so during the meeting. Mayor Steve Chirico met with Gustin afterward and gave her the opportunity to publicly apologize to Brodhead and White during the next meeting, but no apology was extended, leaving no choice for the mayor other than to conclude that her comments were intended and a violation of council rules.

Mayor Chirico concluded, by diagramming what an effective apology format looks like, from which we can all benefit:

  1. Express remorse
  2. Saying I’m sorry
  3. Doing so in a timely manner
  4. Taking responsibility
  5. Make amends to make things right
  6. Promise it won’t happen again

Gustin chose a different route.