We are a group of citizen-voters committed to excellence in local government. We firmly subscribe to the concept that if ‘better’ is possible then ‘good’ is not enough. We are proud of our city and dedicated to enhancing its image and reputation locally, state-wide and nationally. We know this can only be accomplished if its leaders are held accountable for their decisions and actions. Our goal is to make sure our city council  is working for the citizens of Naperville, rather than our citizens working for the city council.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Great summary guys/girls. Keep up the good work.

  2. Liz H

    Kudos to you for taking the initiative and investing the time to research and report to the community without holding back, like most publications do.

  3. Christopher Lawson

    More eyes and ears…are good things. And I assume you are pure of heart and intentions…but when I read the last email, about the “TKO”, I was immediately critical of the effort to mock the council.

    Also, on your website’s section “about us”, I thought you would identify yourself or -selves. It’s easier to follow your lead if you are known to your audience.

    So…who are you? Can you report your findings without also trying to ridicule our elected officials?


    Kit Lawson

  4. Edgar James

    Mock the City Council? I don’t know what meetings you’ve been to, but the ones I’ve seen are dominated by the Council interrupting, interrogating and ridiculing residents. It’s not an infrequent thing. It’s the lack of leadership from the Mayor-IMO. Look at the Furstenau days. He pummeled everyone while the Mayor slept. Nice guy, but can’t lead a meeting. This town, and that meeting, should be about the residents, but it’s not. It’s all about the powerful Council and their positions.

    As for identification, are you kidding me? With this Council? You’d end up chastised and ridiclued. Who wants that?

    They need to start treating residents with respect, period.

  5. alfred e. newman

    Really? OMG get a life!!!

  6. Brian Watt

    Naperville’s current political crisis is textbook GOP gamesmanship. Change the subject, move the goalposts, shout the opposition down.

    As a child of Naperville (18 years and NCHS 1977) I am galled by the arrogance of this ruling clique.

    Everything is just fine if you managed to climb up the gangplank years ago…or brought along enough money when you helicoptered on board the cruise ship. However, a lot of people have been left out. A lot of people never made. Naperville’s gorillas don’t care.

    As a microcosm for “what’s wrong with American politics,” the Naperville ruling class need to be brought down !

    Diane Ciambrone, et al, go get ’em. Let me know if there is ever anything I can do.

    Brian Watt, Naperville Ex-Pat, NCHS Class of 1977, now Kalamazoo MI.

  7. Rich

    Just found your page.

    Will comments be deleted like the “Lisle Watchdog” website/facebook page? I have witnessed several comments from their page be deleted as they were in support of something the “watchdog” was against.

    I hope this is a forum for open, non-hostile, discussion about the best for our city and its residents.

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