Former Naperville City Councilman Wehrli Taking A Pounding In Media

Former Naperville city councilman Grant Wehrli has had an easy path to getting elected until this year. He used his family name Wehrli (as in Road and football Stadium) to slide into Naperville city council in 2006 through 2014. In a horse race, where the top four finishers win, it’s easier to win, than a one-on-one race.

Wehrli is the incumbent for the 41st District in the Illinois House if Representatives. In 2014 he ran against a less-than-enthusiastic candidate, in 2016 he had no opposition, and in 2018 he ran against a candidate ruled to be ineligible. Even with that, Wehrli barely won by a margin of 52% – 48%. To say that Wehrli has had it easy is a gross understatement. This year is a different story, he is against a genuine candidate, democrat Janet Yang Rohr.

It’s a challenge watching TV without seeing Wehrli getting pounded by his opponent. She is accusing Wehrli of wanting to eliminate funding for Meals-on-Wheels and in-home health care, implying Wehrli is giving senior citizens a choice between having food and medicine, or staying safe.

Wehrli is ripe for defeat. During his six years in Springfield, he has accomplished very little other than filling out his expense reports. He has ascended to the position of assistant minority leader, which as a Republican is equivalent to being the assistant manager at Ace Hardware. The difference being the guy at Ace Hardware can provide you with more benefit, than Wehrli can in Springfield.

If Wehrli wins, he can do less damage in Springfield, than if he losses and comes back to Naperville. So for the good folks of Naperville, it’s better that he wins and stays in Springfield.

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  1. R or D?

    His opponent is funded by Michael Madigan – enough said!

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    How anybody can consider voting for Democrats in IL, in any capacity, defies logic, reason or self-survival. The girl running against him claims, she wants to return honesty and integrity to Springfield. Half these clowns all Democrats are or will be indicted for some form of crookedness. This is like asking the arsonist to put out the fire.

    The latest scam, they are advocating is their tax referendum which will tax retirees pensions both governmental and private. They don’t say that, but that’s where the money is since they have already bleed us dry on everything else.

    I have never been a great Wehrli fan but he is head and shoulders better than the Democrat running against him. If he got on the Trump train he might actually win.

  3. Joe Elberts

    Michael Madigan? Common, watchdog, that needed to appear in your article to be fair.

  4. Jim Haselhorst

    Looks like the main response to your post is to scare people into voting for Wehrli rather then address the issues raised about what Wehrli has done with this time (our time) in Springfield.

    Funny how people that accuse mask wears of being afraid to live life would turn around use fear to gain support.

    Of course this kind of behavior says all an educated and intelligent person needs to know about party differences, one focusing on fear the other focusing on the issues, to decide who to support and vote for.

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