Naperville City Council, Four Winners, Seven Losers

One election is down, and another looms after the New Year. No, I’m not talking about another election that can be stolen, the Georgia runoff, I’m talking about the Naperville city council election April 6, exactly 100 days from now.

A  few things are known for sure:

  • There will be at least two new members to the council and possibly four.
  • Eleven candidates are running for office.
  • Even if some candidates pull out of the race, they will fall in the loser category, since they won’t be winners.
  • Term limits finally caught up with councilwoman Judy Brodhead.
  • Naperville’s best and most pragmatic councilman, Kevin Coyne, is not running for re-election; he will be missed.
  • Two council members are running for re-election, Benny White and John Krummen.

We also know the 11 candidates and their position on the ballot:

  • Paul Leong, board member on school District 203.
  • John Krummen, current city council member, and former Chairman of the Public Utility Advisory Board.
  • Vasavi Chakka, member of the Naperville Sisters Cities Commission.
  • Jim Haselhorst, former mayoral candidate.
  • Ian Holzhauer, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce chairman.
  • Jennifer Bruzan Taylor, former Cook County prosecutor.
  • Allison Longenbugh, operations analyst for JP Morgan.
  • Vincent Ory, owner of Ory Realty.
  • Lucy Chang Evans, DuPage County Stormwater Project engineer.
  • Mark Urda, member of Historic Preservation Commission.
  • Benny White, current city council member, and former member D-204 Board of Education.

Eleven candidates, four winners, seven losers. 100 days to pick your four winners.

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