Some Naperville Property Owners Could Get $4 City Tax Cut

It was an exciting day in the Watchdog household, when the family gathered around the kitchen table covered with never-before-worn masks. Finally, some good news, something other than which masks we were going to wear that day. The Watchdog family may be coming into a windfall of money, everything from pennies to quarters, yes possibly 16 quarters to use or invest in any manner we want. It doesn’t get any better than that, wow!

Naperville’s Finance Director, Rachel Mayer, announced at a budget workshop that the City plans to keep its property tax rate flat, meaning that a property owner of a $400K home could see a $4 reduction in their tax bill! This is possible in part, by Naperville’s growth in its tax base, allowing for the flat tax rate. If there was no growth in the tax base, then up goes the tax rate.

My mind started running wild with all the possibilities that the extra $4 would provide. Don’t get me wrong, I am appreciative of the extra 16 quarters, it’s far better than having to part with $4. If I saw a nickel on the ground, of course I would pick it up, if it wasn’t disgustingly dirty, so $4 in the Watchdog household is welcome.

The question became, what am I going to do with the extra $4? I could give half of it away, thereby making somebody half as happy as me, but then who do I give it to? Would anybody even take it, considering people run away when you get too close to them. So that idea fizzled.

Then, the next morning at sunrise, it dawned on me, I had an idea that could turn that $4 into millions. Two words, Power Ball.

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