DuPage County Board Loses, Naperville City Council Wins

Until cloning becomes a successful venture, somebody can only be in one place at a time. Often I have wished for a clone of myself so he could run errands and do yard work, especially pulling weeds. Cloning will happen, I just won’t be around to see mine pulling weeds.

Naperville city councilman, Kevin Coyne lost his election bid, by a 12% margin, 56% to 44%, to become part of the DuPage County board, which means for now, he will continue to be on the Naperville city council. That translates into the DuPage County board loses, while the Naperville city council and its residents win with Coyne remaining on the council, until his current term expires in 2021.

Coyne’s problem is that he specializes in common sense rather than fear-mongering. While his opponent focused on the doom and gloom of  COVID, Coyne was pragmatic. Among other great ideas he has, he wanted to reduce the size of the DuPage County Board from 18 members down to 12. That in itself cost him 18 votes.

Pushing to reduce the size of government, is never a winning idea when it comes to politicians. They like the idea that big is better, and more is necessary, to the point there is no end to government’s size and needs. If 18 people can do what 12 people can do, then let’s have 18, with maybe 24 down the road.

A DuPage County Board member makes $55,000 per year. Please note I used the word ‘makes’ rather than ‘earns’. By reducing the Board from 18 to 12 saves $330,000 per year, but typical politicians are not interested in saving taxpayers dollars. Governor Pritzker is the poster boy for that fact with the $6 billion dollar hole he has helped to create. But I digress.

Coyne lost his first election bid for the Naperville city council. He was winning when he turned the lights off at night thinking he had won, but by the time morning rolled around he had lost by just a few votes to the infamous “Do you know who I am” David Wentz., who “served” only one term, before voters ousted him into the inky shadows of ‘who was that guy’.

Coyne won his next bid to join the Naperville city council in 2015, and was re-elected in 2017. He has been an outstanding addition to the dais, and his talent will truly be missed. Watchdog has been writing and publishing since December 2010, and without a doubt, Kevin Coyne has been one of the two best council members to represent Naperville residents and businesses.

Until he departs, Naperville’s councilman Kevin Coyne will continue to represent Naperville residents and businesses with quality, integrity and class.

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  1. Kevin Coyne

    Thank you Watchdog. I do hope the board consolidates. 3 seats per county district is wholly unnecessary and a great waste of taxpayer money. $55k plus health insurance per seat is a heck of a lot of compensation for a part time elected office. Twice what Will County pays its board members.

  2. Tom Petty

    Looses vs Loses. I know it’s petty. But as a reader it’s annoying.

    • watchdog

      Tom Petty, I stand corrected, even though I’m actually sitting at this moment. I was a ‘C’ student in in english (or is it English) in Barrington High School, and a ‘C’ student at Drake University in grammar or is it grammer. And is it ‘at’ Drake, or ‘in’ Drake. Hopefully you can now understand why it takes me hours and hours to write a simple posting. Again thank you for catching that. Please note that I make every effort to not dangle a participle, nor end a sentence with a preposition. Is it ‘nor’ or ‘or’? Either way, that’s where I’m at. Thank you,

  3. Steve Chirico

    Watchdog, this is my first post on your platform. Thank you for acknowledging Councilman Coyne. His work on council has been an important part of what makes government work. Without his effort we would not have been able to achieve many of the accomplishments of this council over the past several years.

    You are spot on to say that he is a pragmatic leader and in my view, we need these types of leaders. Today it seems that most candidates are activists for a particular cause as opposed to a person who wants to preserve the good in our city and improve it where we fall short. Councilman Coyne has done this and I for one greatly appreciate his efforts…even when we disagree.

  4. John Damusis

    Kevin Coyne is an asset to Naperville and I’m glad he will remain in Naperville . I was stunned to hear that DuPage Board members are making that much money How about the other perks? And then people are wondering why Illinois is bankrupt .
    It is a shame .

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