Welcome Back Grant

It finally caught up to Grant Wehrli, not that he lost an election, but that he had to run against a real person, a candidate that qualified to run for office, a candidate that actually lived in the district in which she was running for office, all of which made for a nightmare for Wehrli. He would much rather run for office unopposed, or against someone who could be disqualified by a technicality.

I doubt Wehrli could have turned on his TV without seeing the same negative ad over and over again about himself. Who knew that Wehrli wanted ship senior citizens out to sea on an iceberg, giving old folks a choice between having food or healthcare. Wehrli was hammered relentlessly in the media. His opponent had nearly $2 million to buy a lot of hammers, whereas Wehrli had a “measly” $260K to purchase some pens that didn’t work, and a few yard signs laying flat on the ground. One would have thought that he could at least have had a decent picture of himself on his campaign materials, however maybe that was the best picture he could find.

Maybe all he had to do to get re-elected was to fill out his expense reports properly, and accomplish something, anything in Springfield. That’s not asking too much. Granted (no pun intended) is there anything more useless than a Republican in Springfield. They could have kept him there as a novelty, but he couldn’t even accomplish that.

Wehrli didn’t help himself by stepping on the little guys as he tried to climb the ladder of importance. As the saying goes, ‘be careful who you step on, on the way up, you just may see them again on your way down’. Wehrli has this amazing ability to offend so many people in such a short period of tiem.

So now what does Wehrli do? Find another office to run for, one which has no opponents. Or maybe more likely return to Naperville and admire the street signs as he drives up and down Wehrli Road remembering the good old days, or hang around the Municipal Center hoping someone will ask him for his autograph.

My guess is that if you see a car heading southbound on Washington Street trying to make a left hand turn onto Hobson Road and appearing impatient while waiting for the red light to turn green, that will be Grant, forgetting that Dunkin Donuts on S. Naper is open 24 hours.

Welcome back Grant.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    Grant did pull a package to run for City Council, but as of Thursday had not yet turned in his candidates petition. The deadline to do so is today by close of business. So we will know tomorrow if he is a candidate or not.

  2. Kurt Dorr

    So did Grant hurt your feelings somehow? Anybody with a lick of sense would know Grant was one of the best things we had going in Springfield. Now we are stuck with another boot licker to Madigan in his seat. Rohr and Ellman are two of the most worthless candidates I have ever seen.

    You need to get over your butt hurt about Grant and move on. It’s unbecoming of you.

    • watchdog

      The two difference between Wehrli and Rohr/Ellman are Wehrli is out of a job, and Rohr/Ellman won their elections and still in Springfield.

      • Kurt Dorr

        Thanks Captain Obvious, but you didn’t answer the question

        • Jim Haselhorst

          I like Grant, but elected office is not a popularity contest. I honestly do not see anything Grant did for Naperville, while in Springfield, that was not doable by anyone else occupying the same elected position.

          Please provide specifics.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    As an update, it appears Grant Wehrli did not turn in a city council candidate petition. The reported order of petitions received is John Krummen, Jennifer Taylor , Ian Holzhauer, Vasavi Chakka, Paul Leong, James Haselhorst, Allison Longenbaugh, Vincent Ory,Lucy Chang Evans, Benny White and Mark V. Urda. For a total of 11 candidates for 4 seats.

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