Council Member Theresa Sullivan, Protects Naperville Taxpayers

It’s fun giving away other peoples money and belongings. Naperville city officials did it, then they did it again, and now they want to do it again. If it looks like a trend, it’s because it is. That’s one of the perks of getting elected to office or working for the government.

Buying things is fun too, especially if you can buy things with other peoples money. Give something away, then buy another one to take its place. That’s what Naperville city officials have done with an ambulance, then a fire truck, and now they want to do it again with another ambulance. All are city assets going elsewhere, specifically sister city Cancun, Mexico, or so it appeared, until council member Theresa Sullivan questioned the move with the latest ambulance.

Cancun is a tourist attraction, chances are good that many council members have vacationed there, including Patty Gustin last February, when she met with the mayor of Cancun, possibly making it a tax deductible trip for Gustin. Cancun is a very nice place, especially in February. If city officials want to giveaway city assets, there are many more places, including in the U.S., with far greater need than Cancun for an ambulance or fire truck.

City council members were sailing through the agenda during last Tuesday’s city council meeting as they were getting ready to approve the ambulance giveaway, but then something interesting happened. Naperville city councilwoman Theresa Sullivan stated her position questioning the giveaway of a city asset:

Then it got even more interesting when councilman Kevin Coyne joined Sullivan and asked ‘What’s in it for the taxpayer?’

Coyne went on to question the concept of ‘giving-away city assets’:

Sullivan wrapped it up by saying, “We are not a charity. Our job is to protect the taxpayers of Naperville”:

As it turned out for now, the ambulance will not be going to Cancun. The vote to approve the donation to Cancun required six ‘yes’ votes, which fell short by one vote, 5 to 4.

Kudos to Naperville council member Theresa Sullivan for having the courage to again question a process, while being a voice for Naperville tax payers.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Finally, a councilwoman with common sense and intelligence who cares about we overburden taxpayers lead by social justice liberals who would rather steal from the tax payer to sooth their inadequate egos than take care of our needs first. You know, keep America great and put citizens first. I like the comment about delivering it in person by how many councilmen along with all expenses paid by us yet again! Always follow the money. By the way what’s with Coyne? First he is against and than for it? We need leaders with guts!

  2. J Gawlik

    Yes! A council woman the taxpayers interest at heart! And coyne, hollow words mean nothing.

  3. joe

    So we lost the $7000 trade in and now have a $7000 vehicle What did we save?

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