The World According To Naperville Council Members Brodhead And White

Some of us are old enough to remember when professors in college encouraged students to think for themselves rather than being told what to think. Somewhere along the way it gradually reversed when educators began telling students what to think and their grades depended upon it.

Two of Naperville’s nine city council members profess to be educators by vocation, Judy Brodhead and Benny White. Both tend to be more closed-minded rather than open-minded. If residents don’t think like they do, then they consider those folks to have a major intellectual mal-function.

Watch and listen to councilman Benny White, during the November 17 council meeting, at the beginning of the mask mandate discussion when he says “are you kidding me” referring to a person he encountered, not wearing a mask, while shopping:


So because educator White didn’t agree with her position, he felt he was right and she was wrong.

Now watch and listen to councilwoman Judy Brodhead, as she unloads and slams close to 150 residents that submitted comments including 13 speakers with whom she vehemently disagreed; so in her little world, she considers herself right, while they are all wrong. It’s also evidence that Brodhead surely does not teach a course on ‘The importance of diversity, inclusion, and acceptance’.


The following clip is also proof that Brodhead doesn’t teach math, being mathematically challenged by numbers with more than three digits. She is always a source of smiles and good laughs; keep an eye on councilman Paul Hinterlong, in white, on the left side of screen:

It just might be possible that we will miss Brodhead after her term limit finally kicks in next year.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    The arrogance of these meatheads to demand of free citizens to prostrate themselves by wearing worthless masks which are nothing more then thumb sucking blackets for neurotics is appalling. BTW the news media yesterday announced 3,000 people died of C-19. Did or do these morons know that approximately 8,000 people in the US die daily from all causes? If the 3,000 number was correct it would mean 37.5% of the deaths were caused by C-19. Absolutely perposterous, and is being used to justify illegal shutdowns and mask shaming. Way past time to open up the entire economy and get back to living instead of being sniveling cowards hiding behind worthless masks and living in basements!

    • J. Fanizza

      Ditto Gerry! All Local, State and Federal governments need a huge cleaning out.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      You did see were both the Illinois Health Department and the CDC are listing COVID-19 as the Third leading cause of death, right?

      You are aware that even Trump has now admitted this virus is both deadly and highly contagious and that he knew this back in February but lied to the American people about this because it was for our own good (he did not want us to panic). If this virus is not so deadly and contagious why did Trump want himself, his cabinet and his staff to get the vaccination by the end of the year?

      And yes in past years the average number of deaths per week may have been 8,000 (for 2017, the last year CDC has reported official daily averages – as of July 2019, the average was 7,708 ranging from 8,478 to 7,157) but that does not mean the average number of deaths per day for this year is what it has been in past years. The CDC will not release their initial reports on death stats until sometime late next year. CDC deaths stat numbers tend to be reported about a at least year later (check out their website) with finer detail report, like weekly average, being reported years later.

      The CDC did start, this year back in April, providing a dashboard of excess deaths. This shows the weekly expected deaths for each week ranges from 50-62K and the actual deaths ranging from 50-72K each week, with some week having 33-38% more deaths then expected (wow, what do you know your 37.5% fits in that range). Of course these are again preliminary estimates. Work on the actual death stats will not begin until well into the next year after all the data has been collected and validated. Data on average deaths stats like these will probably not be available until late 2021 to mid 2022.

      It is simply mathematically impossible to know what the average number of deaths per day for a given year is until after the year has ended. It is also impossible to know for sure what the morality rate from this pandemic is while we are still in it.

      As to the ” living instead of being sniveling cowards hiding behind worthless masks and living in basements” and other anti-mask or mask shaming comments, I can still remember very clearly people making these same kind of comments about seat-belts when the government started requiring people to wear them or be fined for not wearing them – its a violation of my rights, my freedom, it just the government overstepping is authority, the government just wants to control us, etc.

      Finally if masks do not work, why are all the hospitals using them? Why have all hospitals had a policy requiring the wearing of surgical mask during any invasive procedure for the last 100 years? The simply fact is these masks do work, they have over 100 years of proof that they work, and that is why there use is an accepted standard of care by every medical facility on this planet!

      • Wake up Mr. Woke

        You really are hung up on Trump, Dude, let it go already. This has nothing to do with Trump. Fauci lied and told people NOT to wear masks because he didn’t want to panic people. It’s SCIENCE. Follow the SCIENCE. Countries and States that shut down completely and had/still have mask mandates in place have higher deaths attributed to Covid than states and countries that are “open.” Regarding masks, you cannot compare what passes for a mask on regular people walking around and what hospitals and surgeons wear in hospital settings. A properly fitted surgical mask and a bandanna are not the same. If you think that they are, next time you go in for a procedure, tell them to wrap a decorative piece of cloth on their faces and call it a day.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Were did I say anything about Bandannas? You did see the part were I talked about N95 masks and surgical masks right? The fact is, that over a 100 years of healthcare experience says masks work. No disputing that. How well they work depends on the type and if they are being used properly.

          And were are you getting that Fauci lied to keep people from panicking? That was not Fauci that was Trump, in his own words admitting he lied. Not Fauci. Yes, there was a lot of questions about the effectiveness of masks back in February and March that people were asking, but they have been answered and the answer is mask work. No they do not work as good a keep a safe distance or remaining isolated but in situations were they two are not possible a mask is the best alternative.

          As to you claims that “countries that are “open”” have lower cases and death, try explaining that one to the people of Sweden were both head of the countries Public Health organization and the King have publicly stated that the open, do nothing approach has been a catastrophe for Sweden.

          • Mr. Woke's Alarm Clock

            Come on man, Fauci himself said he didn’t reccomend masks in March because he didn’t want to panic people and have a run on N95 masks. People still panicked and fought over toilet paper. Shelves were bare, or don’t you remember that?
            Look outside your Trump hating bubble and you will find the truth.
            As to regular people wearing what passes for masks, ie; bandanas, old shirts, crocheted triangles, they contribute virtually nothing to stop the spread. People in general are NOT wearing surgical or N95 masks. It’s safety theater just like TSA.
            Sweden btw, is not even in the top 40 of countries hit with high Covid deaths per capita, and they never locked down. Their economy is still strong, no one is laid off, people are working and can afford to feed their families and pay their bills. Their spousal abuse rate didn’t spike, their child abuse rate didn’t go up, their depression rates haven’t gone through the roof, etc, etc, concerning all things related to shutting a country down. Denmark, never locked down, Iceland never locked down, etc etc. Travel restrictions made the most difference in spread, in every country, and when Trump, your arch nemesis started imposing restrictions he was called racist, xenophobic, etc. Look further than the end of your nose, and you will see the real world and the truth. Put the remote control down, and read real news, not the b.s. being fed to you on cable “news” channels. The big picture is about more than people catching Covid, it’s a balance between a healthy country; financially, mentally, and physically, and limiting overall deaths. You can lead a horse to water but I can’t make you drink.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          If anyone is living in a bubble it is you. Yes, Fauci told people not to use n95 masks because they were needed by healthcare workers. He never lied about masks and I challenge you to provide a link to one reputable source that calms he did.

          Oh yes, the entire world is in on a massive conspiracy to create safety theater over the SAR-CoV-2 virus. You seriously believe this? That all the case and deaths reported by all those countries is part of some grand conspiracy of some type? There is a clinical name for that type of thinking but it is generally agreed such think is fixated and not healthy.

          And if Sweden’s economy is in such great shape how come both the man in charge of Sweden’s approach has publicly stated it did not work out as expected and that Sweden’s economy did suffer because people simply started staying home on their own. Again all the heads of state and government in Sweden have made public statement that they got it wrong. So were is your proof they did not suffer economic harm? That people did not lose their jobs? Because that is not what the government of Sweden is now saying.

          And yes Sweden is in the top 40 of nations with the highest death rates per capita. In fact it is 27th according to global data sources. Over half of the countries in the top 40 are small countries (population less then 25 million) that did not initially lockdown (like Sweden did, which by the way now has implement restriction similar the most other countries) but did once the hospital filled up.

          Also Denmark and Iceland did lockdown (and currently are locked down). Not sure were you got your information that they did not. In fact Iceland not only lockdown they were also one of the first(like Taiwan) to implemented a 14 day isolation requirement for anyone entering the country.

          Currently restaurants are open for indoor dinning in violation of the state health policy. Yet restaurant owns continue to demand the state lift this restriction (which they are not obeying), Why? It is because they can open their doors but it will not do any good if customers do not show up! And most people are heeding the state restriction and avoiding dinning in. The restaurant owners realize that they need this restriction, which they are violating, lifted to get people back in the restaurants. Because no matter how much these owners claim it is safe most people are looking at the facts and disagreeing.

          Again it is you that are living in a bubble isolated from the vast majority of people not only in Naperville, but in Illinois, in the US and in the World!! And no matter how far down your rabbit hole you go, no matter how loudly and often you shout your false narrative people simply are not believing you.

          • Awake & Alive

            So wear a mask, stay indoors, and let the rest of us HEALTHY people live our lives. Asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus, kids are not superspreaders, Naperville’s mayor attended a wedding in another state to avoid the crazy lockdowns put in place by Pritzker. Pritzker and his family went to their homes in other states to be together and avoid his own lockdown rules. The mayor of Chicago breaks her own lockdown rules, the Governor of California breaks his lockdown rules, if it was sooo deadly and dangerous why are they flaunting their own rules? Come on, New York and California, the strictest states for mask and lockdown mandates are surpassing every other state for deaths. Lockdowns don’t work, REAL masks may help, bandanas do not.
            Let’s agree to vehemently disagree and move on, I’m busy living my life, and you have another city council campaign to lose……….

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Once again you make statements that are completely unsupported by the facts. The state with the highs per capita deaths is New Jersey not New York or California. In fact, according to the CDC, California has the 10th LOWEST per capita deaths while Florida has the 21st highest per capita death rate.

          Funny how a couple can spend 2 years planning their destination wedding in another state but because a Pandemic occurs they sudden did it to flee the state. How amazingly psychic of them? The fact is all of the examples you gave of elected officials “ducking out” on their own restriction have been discredited and the only sources still “harping” on these situation are the fringe media. Not ever Fox News talks about these anymore.

          Finally, it is no secret that the numbers coming out of Florida are highly suspect. The governor ordered Florida health officials not to count any case or death involving people with residences outside of Florida. This means that snowbirds (a large highly susceptible population in Florida)as well as all tourists are not being counted in Florida. All other states are complying with CDC guidelines and counting these people if they are diagnosed or die in their states.

          The restrictions do not require anyone that is not infected, sick or been exposed to stay home. And so long as proper remediation is taken the risk of infection is low so their is no need to stay home. But the CDC has stated that being in the presents of someone that is infect, without a mask or social distancing, for more then 15 minutes is a high probability of infection. So place like restaurants, bars and yes churches, were people spend an hour or more within 6 feet of each other without a mask is a health problem. It is no more outrageous for the government to require these health measures then it is for the health department to require restaurant to keep meats segregated, refrigerates and freezes at specific temperatures and food handlers to wear gloves and hairnets. It is no more outrageous then the Fire Department requiring Fire Extinguisher, Exit signs and lighting and two means of egress. It is no more outrageous then the city posting all residential streets as 25 mph speed limits and requiring drivers to yield to pedestrians. The fact is city, county and state governments have always had, not only the legal authority, but a legal obligation to require citizens to comply with statue, ordinances and regulations intended to protect the public.

  2. John Damusis

    I AGREE WITH MR. SCHILLING > Most of our politicians are Waschlappen and will agree to anything except when controlling expenses

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