I’m Back; I’m Really Back

My name is Bob. I am the self-described City Council Watchdog. I died Sunday September 3rd; at least that’s what they told me. They being the EMT (Emergency Medical Team). I guess when there is no pulse and breathing has stopped, that’s a good indication. Let me tell you the story, being brief, while still connecting the dots to make sense.

I drive my wife Sherry to a once-a-month breakfast to meet her long-time friend in Merrillville, Indiana (62 miles). This time the meeting place was to be Plymouth, Indiana (about 120 miles). Additionally we were bringing my wife’s friend, Tata a nurse from Singapore. Sherry and Tata have been friends for years and she had been to the U.S. only once. I don’t mind driving and we take one of our three poodles (Poppy age 2). She loves car rides.

We were on Indiana Rt. 49 South near Valparaiso driving about 60 mph when I noticed blood on the floor mat. Not wanting to alarm Sherry, I tried taking the next exit and that’s the last thing I remembered until I woke up in Northwest Hospital Porter County in Valparaiso hooked up to tubes, with bells, whistles, etc.

My wife later filled me in with the details of her horrendous ordeal. She tried to control the steering wheel, while reaching for the brake. The car stopped half on the exit pavement, and half in the grass. Once stopped Sherry called 911 and Tata the nurse attempted to administer CPR. Tata not having a car in Singapore didn’t know how to maneuver the seat to get me out. 911 asked my wife about measuring my pulse or breathing, which I didn’t have. Almost immediately, out of nowhere, paramedics arrived, along with patrol vehicles and fire trucks. My wife remembers the paramedics  communicating with someone, ” no pulse, not breathing”.

Somehow they brought me back, and in the OR inserted a stent. My first remembrance was seeing Sherry holding Poppy and Poppy’s tail wagging while giving my hand kisses. The hospital gave the OK for Poppy and me to be together and I am forever grateful for that moment.

I am also grateful for the hospital staff, EMT, police,and firemen who were there to assist. I have always known that the word ‘grateful’ is a powerful word, even more-so now.

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  1. Kevin coyne

    Thank you for what you do and relieved to know you are ok!

    • Watchdog Admin

      Thank you twice Kevin.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Good to have you back Bob. You would be sorely missed by at least me. BTW where did the blood on the floor come from?

    • Watchdog Admin

      A vein in the leg that ruptured.

  3. Jen Stahl

    Dear Watchdog – I’m so happy you’re ok and lived to tell your story!

    • Watchdog Admin

      Thank you; my wife shares your sentiment, and so do I.

  4. Anonymous

    Wow! That’s a crazy story! Glad you are back and ok!

    • Watchdog Admin

      Yes, it was and is. Thank you,

  5. Patrish

    Bob, Nice to put name with the posts. That was truly a wild and crazy ride. So glad you are well. God bless

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