Naperville Building Shrines

What would you do if you had a couple of extra bucks that you didn’t think you had? Maybe buy something you needed, save it for a rainy day, help someone in need? Well, when this happens to the City of Naperville, they can’t spend it fast enough. How about building shrines; big shrines.

They’re not saving it for a rainy day, or to help anybody in need, and definitely not spending it on something needed. They are spending on huge shrines ‘Welcoming people to Naperville’, as if the signs we have are insufficient.

Take a look at the current sign on Royce Road going westbound.

It looks appealing, an eye-catching  blue, simple ‘Welcome to Naperville’  (except for trucks); it gets the job done.

Check this out, the ‘Mother of all Shrines’ on the east side of Weber Road heading north!

What in the World is going on? Isn’t there a city official that says ‘Hey wait a second, what are we doing’? Government city officials spending big dollars on shrines is intoxicating, they can’t stop, or say no..

I’ve been watching this shrine being built over the last six months. It took a while to get going, but then the trucks started pouring in, heavy equipment appeared, huge rocks and boulders were deposited, landscape people by the dozens appeared, and it’s still not finished. What’s the purpose, simply to let folks know they are magically entering Naperville.

The word on the street is that Naperville thinks it’s better than every other town, but it’s “plastic” money, not ‘real’ money like Lake Forest, Hinsdale, Geneva, Lincolnshire, Barrington, or the North Shore.  Yes, it’s a good city, but do we have to broadcast it with huge shrines that change colors all over town?

If you don’t think it’s true, go to high school sporting events. Other teams and their fans love beating Naperville. Now they have additional proof with Welcome signs that change colors.



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  1. Ray Kinney

    could not agree more – what a waste of tax dollars – do we need a sign on the Washington st bridge saying Downtown Naperville??? If there is money being spent on these items….

  2. Naperville conservative

    Naperville is arrogant and the butt of many jokes. Naperville also has an inferiority complex, always saying look at me or look how good we are.

  3. Naperville concerned tax payer

    So much for the new mayor Scott Wehrli being fiscally responsible.

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