Has the Naperville City Council Helped Anyone


It’s a fairly simple question; Has any member of Naperville city council ever helped you with anything?” We recently asked that question to the many readers of our newsletter, and we received an ‘underwhelming’ response from no one. Not one single person…zero…zilch responded with a ‘yes’.

If we asked that question to 100 people in downtown Naperville, we’d probably get the same response.

In order to get a ‘yes’ answer, we’d probably have to go to city hall, and then we’d find many people who obtained a city job with the help of a council member or more.

We get many emails and comments from people who are upset with the Naperville city council in general. And there is always an unending litany of complaints about specific Naperville council members. There is no doubt that the actions and decisions of council members provide fodder for the many disenfranchised residents of Naperville.

Our goal by asking that question in our newsletter was to find enough material to do a posting about good deeds that Naperville council members have done by helping Naperville residents. Maybe a council member shoveled a neighbor’s walkway, or drove someone to a doctor’s appointment, or helped a resident, or wrote a letter of recommendation, or helped a resident get a walkway repaired, or shrubs on city property pruned near a stop sign, or stopped by a lemonade stand to support a child’s entrepreneurial spirit….anything.

Our postings are read by folks in 215 Illinois cities, all 50 states and 68 countries, so one would think that somewhere there must be somebody who has benefited, in a wholesome manner, with an interaction with a Naperville city council member. So with that in mind, we ask you to let us know if that’s true. Send us an email, or comment on this posting, if you are that person. Names won’t be used other than first name and last initial.

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