Another Naperville City Attorney…Are You Kidding

 Just what the residents of Naperville don’t need, another city attorney. Naperville just added a few more to the stable, and now Mayor Pradel announced at a recent city council meeting that we have another one, albeit a Doctor of Law, and it’s none other than the mayor himself.

You can’t blame the mayor for being excited. I mean even former VP Dan Quale was excited when Air Force Two was fitted with a fake steering wheel so that Quale thought he was piloting the aircraft. Quale didn’t have flight training but he did stay in a Holiday Inn Express, which might be how Mayor Pradel was able to do it.

The honor was bestowed upon the mayor by the local college. It also happens that one of Naperville’s city council members (Judy Brodhead) teaches about prepositional phrases and dangling participles at the same local college, which happens to be the same college that struck a deal with Naperville regarding some prime land just off a main street (Washington) in downtown Naperville.

It wasn’t that long ago that the mayor and college president were swinging some hammers on a facsimile of a building on that land.

Much can happen in the inky shadows of Naperville’s city hall corridors.

If only the local college would have crowned Mayor Pradel with a Doctorate of something other than Law. Naperville doesn’t need another make-believe city attorney; the stable is well stocked. Instead, how about a Doctorate of Professional Leadership, or Ethics and Public Service, or Conflict Resolution. In fact, why do we even need another fake Doctor of anything.

Remember…never end a sentence with a preposition, if you know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    The dog and pony show never ends. This adds a whole new level to graft and corruption called, “Viagra for the ego”! Give us land and we give you a Doctorate.

  2. Very funny post! Honorary doctorates are given away as cheaply as the Nobel Peace prize these days. And most of us are tired of the carnival of City Council antics witnessed this past year.

    But I for one do not want my City Leaders focused on helping old ladies across the street! (Per your last post) Leave that to the Boy Scouts. I want City leaders who lead by adhering to Principles that foster economic growth, provide only those City Services that are required to support a high quality of life and provide them efficiently. I don’t need City leaders who cow tow to public opinion to earn their votes, stay in power, facilitate more laws and grow big government even bigger.

    We just need City leaders and staff that simply do their job and NOT interfere with our lives….Thx, but no thanks….Keep your help and your honoray degrees!

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