Jul 282013


It’s a fairly simple question; Has any member of Naperville city council ever helped you with anything?” We recently asked that question to the many readers of our newsletter, and we received an ‘underwhelming’ response from no one. Not one single person…zero…zilch responded with a ‘yes’.

If we asked that question to 100 people in downtown Naperville, we’d probably get the same response.

In order to get a ‘yes’ answer, we’d probably have to go to city hall, and then we’d find many people who obtained a city job with the help of a council member or more.

We get many emails and comments from people who are upset with the Naperville city council in general. And there is always an unending litany of complaints about specific Naperville council members. There is no doubt that the actions and decisions of council members provide fodder for the many disenfranchised residents of Naperville.

Our goal by asking that question in our newsletter was to find enough material to do a posting about good deeds that Naperville council members have done by helping Naperville residents. Maybe a council member shoveled a neighbor’s walkway, or drove someone to a doctor’s appointment, or helped a resident, or wrote a letter of recommendation, or helped a resident get a walkway repaired, or shrubs on city property pruned near a stop sign, or stopped by a lemonade stand to support a child’s entrepreneurial spirit….anything.

Our postings are read by folks in 215 Illinois cities, all 50 states and 68 countries, so one would think that somewhere there must be somebody who has benefited, in a wholesome manner, with an interaction with a Naperville city council member. So with that in mind, we ask you to let us know if that’s true. Send us an email, or comment on this posting, if you are that person. Names won’t be used other than first name and last initial.

Jul 242013

 Just what the residents of Naperville don’t need, another city attorney. Naperville just added a few more to the stable, and now Mayor Pradel announced at a recent city council meeting that we have another one, albeit a Doctor of Law, and it’s none other than the mayor himself.

You can’t blame the mayor for being excited. I mean even former VP Dan Quale was excited when Air Force Two was fitted with a fake steering wheel so that Quale thought he was piloting the aircraft. Quale didn’t have flight training but he did stay in a Holiday Inn Express, which might be how Mayor Pradel was able to do it.

The honor was bestowed upon the mayor by the local college. It also happens that one of Naperville’s city council members (Judy Brodhead) teaches about prepositional phrases and dangling participles at the same local college, which happens to be the same college that struck a deal with Naperville regarding some prime land just off a main street (Washington) in downtown Naperville.

It wasn’t that long ago that the mayor and college president were swinging some hammers on a facsimile of a building on that land.

Much can happen in the inky shadows of Naperville’s city hall corridors.

If only the local college would have crowned Mayor Pradel with a Doctorate of something other than Law. Naperville doesn’t need another make-believe city attorney; the stable is well stocked. Instead, how about a Doctorate of Professional Leadership, or Ethics and Public Service, or Conflict Resolution. In fact, why do we even need another fake Doctor of anything.

Remember…never end a sentence with a preposition, if you know what I’m talking about.

Jul 212013

 We’re all familiar with the “No shirt, no shoes” policy of most restaurants. Can you imagine a restaurant owner walking into his own restaurant with no shirt and no shoes and everybody being O.K with that. It might work at Jimmy Buffet’s Margarita-ville in Key West, Florida, but not at most places.

The Naperville city council has their own type of ‘no-shirt, no-shoes’ policy too, and it’s called, “No address, no applause” mandate. During the Public Forum portion of the meeting, speakers addressing the city council are required to state their address. If the speaker begins speaking without providing the his or her address, Mayor Pradel interrupts the speaker requesting the speaker’s address. Doing this benefits the council especially when the speaker’s topic is not one the council wants to hear. Distracting the speaker is a subtle ploy to throw off the speaker’s concentration. When a speaker has only three minutes to present, every second counts.

However, if the mayor and council support the speaker’s point of view, then the ‘provide your address’ rule disappears. Watch and listen as Stephanie Kifowit, newly elected representative for the 84th District addresses the council.

The Naperville city council doesn’t like applause, unless of course they are the ones applauding, or the applause is directed towards them, which happens as often as the Cubs winning the pennant. Watch and listen as Mayor Pradel tells the citizens to calm down or they will be removed.

The same citizen beat-down was used by councilman Grant Wehrli at the March 1, 2011 meeting when he was Mayor Pro-tem while Pradel was away on business.

Abraham Lincoln was quoted, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Giving councilman Wehrli the ‘power-of-the-gavel’ is seldom good news for Naperville residents.

Now watch and listen as Stephanie Kifowit ends her short, well-spoken presentation, and receives applause from both councilmen Bob Fieseler and Doug Krause.

It’s clear from Pradel’s and Wehrli’s comments that applause is a form of ‘intimidation’ during Public Forum, yet there are councilmen Fieseler and Krause ‘intimidating’ somebody in front of Pradel and Wehrli while the gavel remained quiet. Maybe residents should be allowed to applaud in support of someone or something, just as Naperville council members are allowed to applaud. It’s the American way of doing it.

Jul 142013

 City officials in Naperville think long and hard when it comes to solving sticky issues. It wasn’t that long ago when the Naperville city council was dealing with the issue of homeless people and what to do with them. They tried ordinances and that didn’t work. They tried moving the acceptable boundary from one corner of a street to another. They tried making their lives miserable by confiscating their belongings. Then they tried tossing them in the slammer. That didn’t work either. Finally they came up with the magic solution, and bingo, there we no longer any homeless people in Naperville. They simply changed their ‘names’ from ‘homeless people’ to ‘street dwellers’. And then to make it more ‘green’ they tried calling them ‘urban outdoors-men’.

That one worked so good, that city officials in an effort to change the image of downtown Naperville at night from ‘late-night fight nights’ to a more inviting image, pulled the plug on one of the more notorious alcohol establishments (Black Finn) and approved new ownership and here we go again, a new name, (Wise Boxer Pour House). It was either that or change the name to Smart Fighter Guzzle Place. You would think that an even better name would be ‘Family Friendly Sit and Sip’. However Boxing and Pouring carries it’s own image. Sort of like nickel-beer night at baseball game with the first 20,000 people getting miniature bats. Or when proud Americans on July 4th get to enjoy two of their favorite pastimes simultaneously……alcohol and explosives.

As long as the Naperville city council continues to increase the number of liquor licenses in down town Naperville, and increase the density of the area (Water Street Project), the late night fight-night image will likely intensify.

Who knows, maybe changing names does work. There have been no murders, no shootings or stabbings (that we know of), no mayhem, no good-old fashioned Naperville fisticuffs (that we know of). However, it’s also possible that Naperville city officials have solved the problem by hauling alcohol-laden offenders out thru the back door, throwing into a milk-delivery truck and dropping them off in Lisle or Bolingbrook.

Downtown Naperville appears under control at night, about as under control as Mount St. Helens did a minute before ‘last call’.

If only they would have changed it’s name from Mt. St. Helens to Mt. St. Guzzle.

Surely Naperville is safe at night isn’t it? It must be. The Naperville city council says it is.

Jul 092013

Most of us have some type of entertainment that we enjoy. It might be gardening, ice skating, soccer, reading, or golfing. For Naperville officials it’s an old-fashioned ‘tarring and feathering’ of residents, which includes just about anyone who chooses to protect his or her family and home from local government abuse. More and more we have become aware of bullying, yet Naperville city officials use this demeaning and disgusting tactic as part of its governing style.

It’s apparent that Naperville city officials, including the majority of city council members, along with the mayor, and spear-headed by city manager Doug Krieger derive pleasure and entertainment from ‘legally’ pounding residents, especially women, into submission.

Take for example two Naperville mothers Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl, both members of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, who were arrested for protecting their families and homes from Naperville’s forced installation of potentially dangerous electric meters on their homes.

Kim Bendis was charged with two misdemeanors for attempted eavesdropping and resisting a police officer as she was videotaping the installation of a smart meter at Jennifer Stahl’s home. Stahl is the Secretary of Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group and Bendis is the president of the large group of residents. While representatives of the city of Naperville watched, other Naperville workers broke a lock on Stahl’s fence to forcefully install a potentially dangerous meter on her home. At other homes, Naperville utility workers jumped over fences onto private property to install meters over homeowners objections. Jennifer Stahl was hand-cuffed and arrested by Naperville police. City representatives said they were just following directions; isn’t this the same lame defense used unsuccessfully in the Nuremberg trials after WWII. For some reason government, including Naperville city officials, think they can abuse citizens and residents and seek stupidity or ignorance on their part as a defense.

Two Naperville Women Arrested After Trying To Block ‘Smart Meters’

Both Naperville mothers continue to defend themselves in court because Naperville city officials refuse to drop the charges, and choose rather, to bully, pound, and beat-down these women into submission, by running them through the gauntlet of the court system.

The eighteenth century Irish statesman, philosopher, and political theorist, Edmund Burke was credited with the remark that “evil prevails when good ‘men’ do nothing”. Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl are good people, and they’ve had the courage to do something….they are standing up against the bullying of Naperville city officials.

Jul 022013

 Attending a Naperville city council meeting is always an enlightening experience. You learn things you never knew. Things that are apparently essential in keeping the city of Naperville running like a fine tuned grandfather clock.

It happened again during the last Naperville city council meeting when Naperville mayor George Pradel flabbergasted the residents of Naperville with this historical fact about himself and actor Paul Sorvino.

The question isn’t “who’s Paul Sorvino”, the question is why, after all these years is the mayor finally ‘coming out of the kitchen’ and admitting to what many of us always suspected; Mayor Pradel is a two-handed chicken eater and he’s proud of it.

Without a doubt the mayor must be relieved that we now know what those grease spots are on his finely pressed trousers. Apparently the inky shadows in the corridors of city hall aren’t just for deal-making, there is also a whole lot of chicken-eating going on.

This may also explain why the Naperville city council decided to allow chickens to roam in the back yards of Naperville residents, and why occasionally one or two chickens magically disappear right about the same time those grease spots appear on the mayor.

Chickens Don’t Bark

Mayor Pradel isn’t the only Naperville city council member to stupefy the residents of Naperville with little known facts about chickens. Watch and listen as council member Judy Brodhead digs deep into her bucket of knowledge and pulls out this philosophical bit of wisdom.

This bombshell may have been the tipping factor in her recent re-election to the Naperville city council.

The next time you see Mayor Pradel, and you’re wondering why a chicken feather is stuck on his shoe, as Paul Harvey would say, ‘now you know the rest of the story’.