Naperville City Council Needs More Time Off


The Naperville city council didn’t have a meeting this week. They won’t have one during the next two weeks, and they didn’t have one during the last two weeks. In fact, between June 19 and August 19, a period of 61 days, the Naperville city council will have had a total of one meeting. That’s one as in the number of times the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series in the last 105 years.

Most folks would say that’s another example of how politicians work as little as possible while charging taxpayers an obscenely high hourly rate for their lack of work. Well I say “hooray” for the members of the Naperville city council for keeping that stereotype intact. The city of Naperville seems to be functioning quite well without council member interference, and it most likely is operating even better than if they were having meetings. Based on that, I make a motion that the taxpayers of Naperville allow and encourage Naperville city council members to take a full year of vacation, and follow that up with another full year, on the condition that they haul city manager Doug Krieger with them.

Just as each member of the the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team takes the Stanley Cup some where to do whatever they want with the Cup, each council member could do the same with Doug Krieger. Everybody would be happy. The council members could travel more and work less, which is probably what most do anyway, city manager Krieger wouldn’t have to listen to residents who demand his resignation, and the residents and businesses of Naperville would have less if any government interference and fewer tax dollars would be wasted. It’s a win-win-win situation.

If decisions have to be made, or problems have to be solved, or issues need constructive action, that can all be accomplished by the Deputy City Manager, Marcie Schatz. She is more than capable of dealing with whatever is thrown at her. If Marcie Schatz is the Lou Gehrig of Naperville city government, then city manager Doug Krieger is the Wally Pipp of Naperville government. New York Yankee first baseman Wally wasn’t feeling good one day and wanted to take the day off. Lou Gehrig replaced him and the rest is history.

So let’s encourage city officials to take that long vacation by hopping in their electric powered vehicles, filling their EV’s with extension cords, and see how far they can get before they have to call an electric tow truck. Come to think of it, whatever happened to the council’s bang-up idea of spending tax dollars on electric vehicles.

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  1. Sandy

    So Naperville accepts $900,000.00 from nearly bankrupt Illinois for recycling? When will someone on our council wipe the smarmy smiles off their faces and realize the financial tsunami heading our way? Stop the spending! It’s immoral to accept checks from Uncle Quinn, who can’t pay the States bills, let alone honor their promises. Council, stop the spending, pay off the debt and batten down the hatches and hang on. It’s going to be a bumpy financial ride.

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