Naperville Mayor Likes His Chicken

 Attending a Naperville city council meeting is always an enlightening experience. You learn things you never knew. Things that are apparently essential in keeping the city of Naperville running like a fine tuned grandfather clock.

It happened again during the last Naperville city council meeting when Naperville mayor George Pradel flabbergasted the residents of Naperville with this historical fact about himself and actor Paul Sorvino.

The question isn’t “who’s Paul Sorvino”, the question is why, after all these years is the mayor finally ‘coming out of the kitchen’ and admitting to what many of us always suspected; Mayor Pradel is a two-handed chicken eater and he’s proud of it.

Without a doubt the mayor must be relieved that we now know what those grease spots are on his finely pressed trousers. Apparently the inky shadows in the corridors of city hall aren’t just for deal-making, there is also a whole lot of chicken-eating going on.

This may also explain why the Naperville city council decided to allow chickens to roam in the back yards of Naperville residents, and why occasionally one or two chickens magically disappear right about the same time those grease spots appear on the mayor.

Chickens Don’t Bark

Mayor Pradel isn’t the only Naperville city council member to stupefy the residents of Naperville with little known facts about chickens. Watch and listen as council member Judy Brodhead digs deep into her bucket of knowledge and pulls out this philosophical bit of wisdom.

This bombshell may have been the tipping factor in her recent re-election to the Naperville city council.

The next time you see Mayor Pradel, and you’re wondering why a chicken feather is stuck on his shoe, as Paul Harvey would say, ‘now you know the rest of the story’.

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