Naperville City Officials Continue Beat-Down of Women

Most of us have some type of entertainment that we enjoy. It might be gardening, ice skating, soccer, reading, or golfing. For Naperville officials it’s an old-fashioned ‘tarring and feathering’ of residents, which includes just about anyone who chooses to protect his or her family and home from local government abuse. More and more we have become aware of bullying, yet Naperville city officials use this demeaning and disgusting tactic as part of its governing style.

It’s apparent that Naperville city officials, including the majority of city council members, along with the mayor, and spear-headed by city manager Doug Krieger derive pleasure and entertainment from ‘legally’ pounding residents, especially women, into submission.

Take for example two Naperville mothers Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl, both members of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, who were arrested for protecting their families and homes from Naperville’s forced installation of potentially dangerous electric meters on their homes.

Kim Bendis was charged with two misdemeanors for attempted eavesdropping and resisting a police officer as she was videotaping the installation of a smart meter at Jennifer Stahl’s home. Stahl is the Secretary of Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group and Bendis is the president of the large group of residents. While representatives of the city of Naperville watched, other Naperville workers broke a lock on Stahl’s fence to forcefully install a potentially dangerous meter on her home. At other homes, Naperville utility workers jumped over fences onto private property to install meters over homeowners objections. Jennifer Stahl was hand-cuffed and arrested by Naperville police. City representatives said they were just following directions; isn’t this the same lame defense used unsuccessfully in the Nuremberg trials after WWII. For some reason government, including Naperville city officials, think they can abuse citizens and residents and seek stupidity or ignorance on their part as a defense.

Two Naperville Women Arrested After Trying To Block ‘Smart Meters’

Both Naperville mothers continue to defend themselves in court because Naperville city officials refuse to drop the charges, and choose rather, to bully, pound, and beat-down these women into submission, by running them through the gauntlet of the court system.

The eighteenth century Irish statesman, philosopher, and political theorist, Edmund Burke was credited with the remark that “evil prevails when good ‘men’ do nothing”. Kim Bendis and Jennifer Stahl are good people, and they’ve had the courage to do something….they are standing up against the bullying of Naperville city officials.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Abuse of power by petty politicians to instill fear and compliance of the masses is as old as the hills. When thy appoint as city manage (a man who has a great deal of problem with telling the truth) who appoints cronies to run the police department and both care less about citizen’s rights then their inappropriate use of power we have what is described in your article.

    We loan to politicians via the ballot box the authority to supervisor and govern us with the implied understand that it will be done legally, ethically, morally, constitutionally and most of all with common sense.

    To persecute by prosecuting these two women on trumped up charges is abuse of power in its worse form because it’s using the power of the state to attack political and ideological opponents. No different than what is going on at the federal level using government agencies to literally destroy non-supporters.

    Our town is a microcosm of our country and tyranny on a local level uncontested by patriotic citizens allows these thugs, goons and morons to steal from us our natural rights of freedom and liberty guaranteed by God and our Constitution. All hail these two courageous women for standing up for their rights against these little Hitlers!

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