Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Naperville’s #1 Issue

There is often a disconnect between what officials view as their community’s number one issue and what residents view as their number one issues. Officials think it’s taxes, or crime, or development controversies that draw residents to the polls.

But sometimes the issues that really draw resident intrigue are of a seemingly smaller scale and more nuanced.

Of all the Watchdogs’s many posts and commentary, the one topic that has drawn more debate, views, and comments than any other subject (by far) is a somewhat surprising one. Namely whether or not the City should end the Mount Trashmore built by resident Scott Huber on Naper Blvd and Ogden.

The Supreme Court just issued a ruling that gives Naperville and every other City far more latitude in dealing with tent cities and encampments such as Huber’s debris field.

Some residents want Huber left alone and view him as a local novelty.

Others view the heap as an embarrassing look for the entry point to a major suburb and are tired of looking at it.

To be clear, the man is not homeless. He is there in protest, appears to enjoy his outdoor living, and has declined places to stay for years.

The Watchdog says the City should do its job and clean up this mess. Granted the junk pile is not a whole lot worse of a look than the obnoxious cabana bar looking fluorescent signage that Holzhauer brought to us, it is still a very poor look nonetheless.

City officials, embrace the powers just given to you by our Supreme Court and rid our community of this eye sore. Huber should protest from his own property like everyone else has too.


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  1. Terry Kauffman

    I understand his protest but I honestly believe that after all these years it’s time to move forward and clean up that site. His situation is not going to change unless somebody helps him make that change and I don’t see that happening. It does not bode well for our community to allow this to continue.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    The back & forth between the city and the county over who actually has authority to enforce any ordinances or laws Huber’s might be violating demonstrates the legal sink hole removing this encampment could become.

    The county says its up to the city because this encampment is in the city’s right of way, but the reality is you don’t have to look very hard around the city to see all sorts of “obstructions” residents have place in city right of ways that the city has not acted on. In reality city’s rarely act on right of way violations until they actually need to exercise this right of way.

    It is this ambiguity that makes the city getting involved in this, a legal sink hole like the ones the Watchdog (and many others on this site) has criticized the city for getting involved in, in the past. Huber could file a suit that would cost the city millions to defend and possibly millions more in damages if they lose. And yes, Huber has supporters that would be more then willing to help him in suing the city.

    As the Watchdog has said many times in the past, just cause you can do something doesn’t mean you should. This is a case were, pardon the pun, it is better to let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    For the second weekend in a row, North Naperville has been violated by thug violence. This is the direct result of the organized emotional genocide being committed against Scott Huber. Looking the other way when ex-DuPage Sheriffs commit attempted murder by arson is one thing, but now a public outcry to rip the very soul out of our Community? Ambassador Huber is nothing less than the inspiration for the renaissance we are enjoying north of the tracks. Now the shock troops of the Hate Has No Home Here Fatwa Movement are so outraged at his ACTUAL PEACEFUL form of protest that they would chase him out of our fair town. NIMBY his happy economic-engine ass right out of sight, clutching their pearls and crying to the heavens about the disgraceful image of Scott Huber at the entrance to our City. Apparently, proudly showing off weeds and piles of commuter’s trash is a better look for our wasteland easements, apparently it is more representative of our shared values that this man, whose voice means no less than any of ours, be silenced, marginalized, deported and closed off to protect our image.

    Sorry haters, but this part of town is not going to join in your little Stalinist, let’s all vote da tovarisch, conspiracy. This far, but not one inch further. Classist genocide and redlining is not permitted in our neighborhood, and we would welcome you to keep your arrogance and prejudices to your ivory towers and well maintained lawns in the Southern realms. Ambassador Huber is here, and we welcome him. We embrace him warmly, because when you presume to marginalize even just one of us, that one you feel is the least of us; you then marginalize all of us.

    • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

      PS: And I offer an apology in advance to Jim, it would appear that we agree on the subject, and I would not want him to be falsely accused of such. It’s really just a rich endorsement of how valid our point is about Huber.

  4. Martin St Peters

    That’s Naperville’s number one issue? Please, I believe some folks need to really look at priorities or they have it pretty good if it is actually the #1 issue.

  5. Jim Haselhorst

    It is worth noting that the issues being discussed on this site are selected by the Watchdog and not by popular polling.

    As such the Watchdog can create more comments about a minor issue on this site by simply continually bring it ups. As the Watchdog has done with Huber as well as Ian, Benny, Ceasefire, DEI, etc.

    So using this argument to justify claiming a minor issue is more important to Naperville residents then say renewing the IMEA contact is a self fulfilling proclamations.

    • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

      Pardon my hijack, but until I have Moderator level privileges here (please, no, don’t want them ever.) I cannot start a new topic. This is an immediate action required moment in Naperville:

      Prior to unveiling the Scott Huber Visitor’s Center and Entrance Exposition plans to the public City Staff is asking for feedback on the the prep work they have done readying us for the Huber Centre on the entrances to town. Feedback from ALL Napervillians is needed to make sure that we check all the public input boxes. Today is the day Naperville! Today we stand in solidarity for Scott. Demand Huber-Friendly signage at all entrances! Include his name in the population counts! Remember- when you firebomb one home in Naperville, you firebomb us all. Be heard Naperville, or know that in silence, democracy dies.

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