Naperville Spending Your Money to Reduce Your Rights

The court mess that Naperville needlessly wandered into when it passed a local ordinance banning the local sale of “assault weapons” isn’t going to end soon. Once it is finally heard by the Supreme Court, it’s a safe bet Naperville is going to get waxed. We say Naperville needlessly wandered into this case because the crux of the ordinance was already being passed in Springfield when Naperville passed their ban. There was no reason for Naperville to do this (other than politics and potential room for political advancement by those liberal politicians participating in this).

When we say Naperville is going to get waxed, we mean waxed. This is a very conservative Supreme Court that has been very protective of the Second Amendment. Justices have said without ruling that this law is very suspect. Naperville could be on the hook for millions between reimbursed attorney fees and damages should (when) it loses this case.

Why did Naperville clumsily wander into this mess? Because the liberals on the dais wanted to be dramatic and flamboyant and put their name on this ridiculous and reckless gun grabbing decision. Thank Ian Holzhauer, Benny White, and Patrick Kelly when Naperville inevitably gets a seven figure bill to pay.

Ironically, this trio will have done more to secure gun rights nationally than Donald Trump and every Right wing official in the country put together. Naperville will have a large hand in cementing assault weapons into every neighborhood in America as a result of this case.

When activists from coast to coast seek to close gun stores or limit gun rights, courts across the country will have to say no because of the guiding precedent created by Naperville.

The decision to pursue this gun case goes far beyond other silly council decisions highlighted by the Watchdog. The expensive and gaudy entry sign is one thing. Wasteful DEI propaganda programs are another thing. But the incompressible decision to step into this gun litigation was beyond the pale no matter how much you like or dislike guns.

It was simply reckless.

So whenever the day comes and the gavel drops, probably when none of those who pushed this insanity are still on the dais, let’s remember to thank Ian, Patrick, and Benny for handing us all this bill so they could each selfishly be fawned over by local progressive activists – most of whom have no real understanding of what this council really did by doing this.

Elections have consequences and Naperville voting to elect this trio proves more expensive by the day. Let’s also remember to buy Paul Hinterlong a beer or two when this case reaches its conclusion, He was the only vocal opponent to this decision when council voted to do this. While the others did vote for it too, it was this before-mentioned trio who led the charge to do it.

Note: Neither Benny or Ian were paying property taxes when the decision to take on this immense liability exposure was made. It will be interesting to see if this duo returns to exempting themselves from taxes again once the exposure created by the lawsuit becomes more imminent.

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  1. John Georgias

    Great post! I had said at the time that this was a great example of board members promoting politics over the well being of the people they represent. This was something that just didn’t need to be done. The three left wing politicians brought this onto the docket, and they knew it would force some members to vote for something they would normally not vote for. The good news is I do not believe this would pass with the current council as folks have been added that would put city business and the citizens of Naperville above political outcomes. I understand, do not agree, with the folks that went along to get along. We really must remove the remaining 3 far left politicians so the rest of the council can due the business of Naperville and not play national politics.

  2. Janice Anderson

    Let’s not forget Republican Patty Gustin (Trust in Gustin) for voting for this bill as well.

      • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

        And another thing…

        What is our Central Business District thinking with this massive display of animal abuse? I enjoyed the performance of the 1812 Overture yesterday evening with hundreds of neighbors and friends (possibly even some Councilpersons, but I’m not judging) and while this evening was the wonderful experience we have all come to expect- what on earth were all those wonderful furry wet-nosed four-legged Napervillians doing there? Civil War artillery batteries and Doggo’s are not a compatible thing! I saw dozens of terrified Good Boys and Girls trembling in fear, tails tucked up to their collars anticipating the next People’s Big Boom Stick to go off. What hellish morass of cruelty do you people live in that you would even consider that a thing to do? Taking your Best Friend to an overcrowded collection of 2200 strangers who have really scary, really loud BANG cars is not fun. It does not count as a walk, and it is not appreciated. Naperville now owes it’s canine citizens reparations- there needs to be a serious uptick in scratched ears, Good Boys (and Girls), and treats dispensed for no obvious reason.

        Today is July 4th. It’s a good day to stop and reflect on the blessings of being American. Dogs being one of the best blessings. Let’s please be more careful with them. Canine Deafness is real and it is not being helpful when you take your dogs to loud crowded events. 1812 Overtures, Ted Nugent shows, and NASCAR included. Smarten up Naperville.

    • Joan Murray

      Gustin is another example of
      Right wingers who like to take away rights in voting for this.

      • Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

        “Take away rights in voting for this”

        Deeply concerning that the media campaign in favor of attacking fundamental Rights has you thinking such absolute twaddle. This was done by the LEFT wingers, those progressive-thinking, knee-taking, antifa-loving, DEI-mandating, genital-mutilating, baby-murdering satanists who are hell-bent on corrupting our society to their absolutist fascism. No right wing person would ever vote to restrict your constitutional rights, unless they were trapped in a broken system that rewards unanimous consent for every measure. Like Naperville’s.

        ANY Councilperson who supported this, either philosophically or through misdirected get-alongism is morally ineligible to serve this community, for they have stabbed the very heart of Naperville with their insanity. How dare they presume to think that it was actually the will of the majority to have them take up this doomed battle. What hubris to press the fight after is was so clearly shut down at every level of Court consideration. What complete dogged wrong-headedness in creating, and then trying to defend the creation of such useless, discriminatory, unconstitutional nonsense. Standing in public solidarity with the media-friendly crisis tourists in Highland Park was not worth bankrupting our City’s insurance carriers.

        • Joan Murray

          Gustin the right winger supported it. In case you haven’t been paying attention, right wingers also like taking away people’s rights. Stop making excuses for patty. She’s a big girl

  3. Gerard H Schilling

    That’s what wokeness does to cities when their leaders are feckless.

  4. Paul Ramone

    What a total disaster. Let us never not forget the virtue-signalers that took this on – basically as a vanity project. Shame on them, for remember, the Left “elites” abandon those they harm and pay no price for being wrong. They should be voted out.

  5. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    A valuable and well presented argument. As a community we really need to stop and ask ourselves if this is what we really wanted to become. Jumping the philosophical shark for our Thich Quang Duc moment over banning something that is so poorly defined as assault guns. This was nothing short of a fleecing of the entire community to support the narrow and quite absurd fears of a very limited number of Nervous Nancys. Thanks progressives, hope our Official Misdeeds and Criminal Malpractice Insurance has unlimited coverage, this is going to be huge. We are going to become the precedent that stare decisis a million gun-restricting ordinances, so yeehaw Naperville- we will forevermore be known as the Dred Scott decision for gun rights.

    But- time to roll up our sleeves and fix this. First, all of these progressive ninny-hammers have got to go. Not even one can remain to bring this moral vampire back to life. Then, some public mea culpas- World- we are sorry. We let the imbeciles drive the bus for a while, and as predicted, wokeness lawfare and crapping on our Sacred Freedoms drove straight off the cliff. Truly sorry about that. And then let’s start seeing how deep Governor Pugsly’s pockets are- he started this nonsense, he owns it now.

  6. Jim Haselhorst

    Now we wait and see if the organization that promised to defended the city pro-bono for passing this ordinance will keep it promise.

    Of course this will not protect the city from having to pay and judgement suing the city for damages, which will likely be considerable if this law is struck down.

    I will also point out that it takes 5 or more votes to pass an ordinance. Passing this ordinance included votes by conservative council members. So any attempt to lay this at the feet of liberals is just another lame attempt at divisive politics from the right.

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