Campaign Phone Polling Already?

Last week, many Naperville residents received political polling phone calls and texts on matters relating to the next April local election. This is somewhat remarkable given that the election is almost a year away. This is a pretty good early indicator that the unprecedented spending witnessed in the April 2023 election was not an aberration but a sign of things to come.

The poll focused on 5th Avenue, taxes, the City budget, the IMEA contract, Mayor Wehrli’s job performance, police and public safety, video poker, district representation and other City related questions.

Sounds like some ambitious City Council candidate is putting their campaign platform together. This is another sign that gone are the days that a council candidate can win a seat on the dais by going to council meetings and shaking hands at Rotary meetings. It’s going to take significant stakeholder support to be a viable candidate.

These polls cost thousands of dollars. Anyone doing one this early has access to serious money. For those thinking of running, get ready  to get your checkbooks out. It looks like the moneyed interest are circling again. Kind of sad no?

Toto we certainly are not in Kansas anymore…


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  1. Joan Murray

    Or it’s from someone who recently announced their run. Bruzan-Taylor has deep pockets and is quite wealthy as she lives in a million dollar home. Meghna Bansal also has deep pockets…could even be a local PAC…

  2. Paul Ramone

    The Left desperately wants to take over (ruin) Naperville. Identity politics, higher taxes, on and on. Down with business and families. That’s the Dems today. We moved to Naperville to stay away from that, but the chaotic and disorganized policies of the Left are like Kudzu.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    It has always been my understanding that under Illinois law you can’t start campaigning until you’re a candidate for the office. And you are not a candidate for office until you file your petition with the elections board and it has been accepted.

    Since the candidate packages are not yet available (usually aren’t until October) no one is legally a candidate for any city office at this time.

    Note: campaigning for office is different then fundraising for an election campaign. You can start fundraising for an election campaign as soon as you want, just can’t start engaging in any activity which would elicited votes.

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