Council Field Expands…Two Now Declared

Jennifer Taylor announced on social media that she will seek re-election to City Council…bringing the known field of council candidates to two.

Bansal’s campaign kicked off tonight with an event in Naperville with what appeared to be a strong crowd that included many leaders from Naperville’s Indian community, not-for-profit leaders, and former councilmen Patty Gustin and Kevin Coyne all on hand. Bansal lost by just 40 votes last time…she will certainly have a strong chance in this race.

Next up is Jennifer Taylor. Taylor will have her kick off event soon and has been strong on council and has had a number of memorable moments, cleaning White’s clock for voting on his wife’s grant funding sticking out the most. Her background as a prosecutor was appealing in her first campaign and will be again.

Both are strong candidates and certain to be in the mix Election Night. Residents should be relieved to know that they will have at least 2 very good choices on the ballot next April.

Note: The Watchdog has confirmed that both candidates have paid their real estate taxes in full as far back as records go. Hopefully we won’t have that drama present itself again this cycle.

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