Waste Continues: This Time it’s $117,000 Worth of DEI Classes

If one thought the new entry signs were a waste of money, wait until you read about this. At the next council meeting, a $117,000 2 year contract  will be voted on by council for “DEI Work”.

Numerous studies have been done as to effectiveness of such classes. Those studies have repeatedly found that making employees undertake such classes does absolutely nothing to further inclusion. Some studies have even found that such mandatory classes may actually make racial tensions worse.

To make things more complicated, requiring employees to participate in such courses itself has been the focus of civil rights and free speech inquiries by civil rights lawyers.

We don’t need taxpayers to pay $117,000 to make our staff sit through these ineffective programs. If council or staff are so sold on these classes, they should pursue them on their own time and on their dime…not the taxpayers.

Please contact council and encourage them to vote no to this contract.,The best way council can help the disadvantaged is to lower their tax burden, not increase it with wasteful spending such as this.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Where is the Scott Wehrli I had breakfast with at the boy scouts pancake outing? He told me he was a conservative, a businessman who know the value of money and how hard taxpayers worked to earn and keep it.

    He has done very little to earn and keep my vote. As chief executive of Naperville let’s see him cut some city waste like the DEI executive position and table this vote as a needless waste of more money.

    • Sam Nelson

      He’s a nepo baby, what do you expect? DEI isn’t going anywhere. Doing away with DEI makes the city more susceptible to lawsuits, to costly levels of turnover among employees and reputation among prospective partners who will refuse to work with the city that doesn’t support diversity, inclusion and equity.

      • Fred Willard

        Now that is funny! Costly turnover? Care to support that assertion? You can’t, just an all around made up bunch of baloney.

        • jim haselhorst

          Agreed. There is an acceptable practice today of making statement in support of a position that is totally unsupported by any data or studies. Of course these people justify this behavior by making claims about things like the deep state, legacy media propaganda, fallacy of fact checkers, etc.

          In short they claim to know the “truth” even when there is nothing but confirmation bias to validate this “truth”

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