Council Celebrates New Sign at Parade

Typically politicians like to avoid public reminders of bad votes. So it was a very curious decision for Naperville City brass to stick the big blue controversial Naperville sign on the council parade float to be slowly driven through downtown Naperville and before thousands of residents.

It was almost a taunting decision as the sign and its six figure cost has been heavily criticized. The Watchdog’s article about this sign was one of the most read articles in Watchdog history.

Was the sign the reason that council was so poorly represented on the float? Historically, the parade gets all of the councilmen there. This was a noticeably bad showing.

Did Holzhauer not go for fear residents would be reminded that it was his motion that brought us this gaudy sign? Or maybe it’s possible that Mayor Wehrli sent Holzhauer on another mission to India just to get him out of everyone’s hair for awhile.

Where was Pat Kelly? How does an Irish politician miss the St. Pats parade?

Community events like the Irish parade are important for officials to attend. Thank you to council members who made it despite the rather suspect decision of having this unpopular sign prominently posted upon their float.


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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Nothing like rubbing one’s noise in it.

  2. jim haselhorst

    Actually the image on this sign is part of the city logo, which is why it is part of the sign in question.

    So it is rather telling of the Watchdog’s mindset that when he sees the city logo he assumes it is a “thumb in the face” over the sign in question.

    This image actually appears on all lot city property, particularly on city vehicles, the bridges, the Riverwalk and other downtown areas.

    Have you actually seen or bother to look at the city flag?

  3. Julie Berkowicz

    A couple of questions:
    Did they actually dismantal the sign on Weber and install it on the parade exhibit(trailer)?

    Or was this another Naperville life size logo?
    If it is the Weber sign, how much did it cost to move it from the Weber pedestal and return it?
    If it was a second Naperville symbol, how much did it cost?

    Inquiring taxpayers need to know??

    • jim haselhorst

      If you look closely at the sign at Weber you will see it is not only structurally different from what is on the council float but also large.

      As to cost. If the city did pay anything for this float or anything on it, it simply a matter of an FOIA request to get all the information you want. Just go the city website and file a request.

      Then you can actually make a post containing facts instead of innuendo.

  4. Julie Berkowicz

    Thanks Jim, I appreciate the response and advice!

  5. Fred Willard

    The city logo is hideous. It needs an overhaul.

    • jim haselhorst

      There are a lot of issues with the city logo (city flag also feature city seal), but the biggest is that it is also the official city seal, which means anyone using it without the city’s permission is breaking the law.

      This makes promoting the city brand more difficult verging on impossible. The reason the city logo of Chicago (4 red stars) is recognized all around the world is because it can be easily used and promoted by tourist businesses, non-profits, chamber of commerce, etc. since it looks nothing like the city of Chicago seal.

      If the city of Naperville is ever going to promote its brand the way other big cities do it needs a logo and flag that are not also the city seal.

  6. Sam Nelson

    The city logo is great. We love it!

    • Fred Willard

      You haven’t seen what a really good sign looks like.

  7. Joan murray

    I love the sign! This is less money than we gave century walk for their awful statues.

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