Naperville Hulk-Sizes Its Beers

Finally! Naperville residents will at long last be able to relax after a hard days’ work by kicking back with an enormous stein of beer … 32 ozs to be exact. This gift comes via council’s recent decision to allow baseball bat size beer mugs to be filled for thirsty residents. These new Super Big Gulp glasses of beer should add much color to Naperville nightlife.

Why council thought they needed to do this is unclear. Was it because this one new bar claimed they wouldn’t come if they didn’t approve this ? Is Naperville lacking for bars? Clearly it is not.

Is it possible council thought residents enjoying our TopGolf could use these baseball bat size glasses to better defend themselves from any of enumerable armed felons likely at their side?

Maybe these oversize beers will allow council to better fund SECA thus expanding gift opportunities for friends and family.

How did council just make Naperville better with this ordinance change? Is Naperville more family friendly and safer with these massive beers?

That answer is clearly no.

This change is a step backward for Naperville and only pours more beer and over serving-related problems to our City.

This council decision gets a big thumbs down from the Watchdog.



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  1. Philip Buchanan

    Let’s just hire 2 more Police Officers just to work on DUI offemders…

  2. Pat Murray

    No different than the drunks over at Quigley’s drinking pint after pint all day long.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    I do not agree with this change, but it needs to be pointed out that this change only applies to one class of license and not all license classes that are allowed to sell alcohol by the drink.

    This change also only applies to certain specialty micro brews.

    I also believe it does not apply to any extended hours (after 10pm and no kitchen) license holders, which is what all the late night downtown bars are classified as.

  4. Steve Chirico

    Naperville has allowed 64 oz pitchers of beer to be served to a minimum of two people (32 oz each), so I’m not sure why this is a big deal. In the new ordinance, only one 32 oz serving can be served to a customer in a single setting, but you have always been able to buy multiple pitchers of beer.

    I believe Ruth’s Chris and Yard House are great restaurants as opposed to being characterized as bars and Naperville’s restaurant industry is one of its many strengths. The council needs to have enough regulations to protect the public, but not so much regulation that businesses cannot be successful. In my view the council treaded the needle on this ordinance.

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