One Major Group Missing From Naperville’s Plan To House Illegal Migrants

The population of the World is approximately 8 billion. If everybody in the world wanted to live in the U.S., except those living in Switzerland (about 9 million) that means we’d have to make accommodations for 7,991,000,000. Considering Naperville is a destination of choice, (family friendly, little crime, great ice cream shops) Naperville better have a plan.

Good for city officials in having a plan in place. The only problem is that city officials partnered with every imaginable group, except for one; the people of Naperville. How could city officials forget to include the one group that pays the bills with taxes.

I suggest rather than writing a 50,000 word essay, that nobody would read, to remedy the problem, we use Occam’s Razor, to get started; every city official that ‘signs off’ on the plan sets an example by housing 50 illegal migrants on their property. That’s only about 10 families; three families in the front of the property, three in the back, and two families on each side of the property. Bingo, ten families, 50 people solved.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Only liberal nitwits and sanctimonious politicians who mostly don’t care at all about their constituents / taxpayers would propose this type of nonsense. The 50 would turn into 500 than 5,000 before the year was out and incentivize many more illegal relatives to join them.

    This resident and taxpayer says hell no to this destabilizing, crime inducing, community destruction, cockamamie idea, and proposal.

  2. Anonymous

    Downtown Naperville hit by crime again. Apple store subject to a smash and grab AGAIN. Pretty sure Tim Thompson went before City Council recently whining about how Safe Suburbs was making crime in downtown Naperville look worse than it is.

    I give you exhibit A that Safe Suburbs was, and is, correct and Tim Thompson needs to pull his head out of the sand.

  3. Anonymous

    Smash and grab happens at the Apple Store in Naperville. Crime has been up since the new Republican mayor and so called tough on crime city council josh mcbroom has been elected. They are too worried and focused on not disclosing campaign contributions.

  4. Anonymous

    Sad to see the rising hate against local Muslims. Burning of a Quran and murder of a Muslim child by a radicalized right winger so called “pro-lifer” is sad but not surprising. Failed city council candidate Nag tried to debunk the Quran burning as boys will be boys, but nobody bought into his partisan hack job piece, except those on the far right in Naperville.

    • jim haselhorst

      Sad to see a rise in antisemitism, which has rising much more severely and for much longer then the anti-Muslim problem.

      The reality is that when you get religion mixing with politics, as has become popular in the US since Reagan, you get greater targeting of religious organizations and people based on their religions.

      • Anonymous anonymous

        Agree on anti-semitism. Anti-Muslim has been going on for a long time. Only after did 9/11 did it start getting noticed by Hate is hate and it’s bad regardless of what group it is. We are all humans .

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Antisemitism really did not get much notice or attention until after the Holocaust. The sad reality of the world is it takes tragedy to gain public attention, be it positive or negative. Even when something good happens people start looking for bad repercussion from this good. We have become a world populated predominately by pessimists who feel better being sad then optimist who prefer to be happy.

    • Anonymous

      Except no one disputed the facts as laid out by Nag. Nice try though.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody believes Nag. He had an agenda.

        • Anonymous

          Nag has an agenda? You mean like showing the story was false and the kids didn’t burn the Koran? Yeah, who cares what the truth is!

          • Anonymous

            Nag is a politician, he launched his new campaign right after he failed in trying to debunk the Quran burning as kids will be kids.

  5. jim haselhorst

    Sadly, like many others in this country, you keep referring to these immigrants as “illegals” which they are not. In order to be illegal they have to be in this country without government approval!!! And all of these immigrants have been granted residency and are in the process of getting green card so they can legally work in the US.

    Anyone that is actually an illegal immigrant is deported by ICE or CBP when they are apprehended. Yes, there are illegal immigrants in the US, but they do not have the residency status and green card needed to legally work and remain in this country (with the exception of these covered by the Dreamer legislation who were brought to the US as infants and toddlers by their parents decades ago).

  6. Anonymous

    DuPage policy journal keeps posting hit pieces on the only black city council member. The toxicity of naperville republicans against the only black city council member is out of hand. They can keep trying but they can’t bring him down.

    • Anonymous

      Except everyone in Naperville knows Benny is ill-prepared for board meetings and just isn’t that smart. It’s obvious he has no clue what he’s doing on the council and doesn’t read his packets before board meetings.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      The DuPage Policy Journal is a far right political publication that rarely tells all the whole story. Only those parts of the story that supports it far right political agenda its told. It is not a real news source and makes zero efforts to defend itself against claims it is a far right propaganda publication (like the “People’s Observer” of Nazi Germany, “The People of Italy” of Fascist Italy, “Pravda” of the USSR, etc) . Anyone that relies on this publication (or any of its 100+ sister publications across the US) is not really interested in learning the facts or truth. They are only interested in seeking confirmation bias.

    • Safe suburbanite

      Agree, glad you had the courage to bring this up. They constantly attack Benny and it’s because he’s black and has support of the community. Look how often posters here attack him and his wife. They wouldn’t do this under their real name, but we all know exactly who it is.

  7. Rotary fan

    Sounds like the correct move by the rotary to remove toxic JA for her nonstop political activism.

    • Anonymous

      You mean the kind of nonstop political activism as expressed by Kim White where she accost those, in public, that didn’t vote for Benny then curses them out? Because I know several people she has done this to. I know of no other candidate’s spouse that continually does this. Not one.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        Kim White was involved in “political activism” long before her husband got elected to city council. Just because a member of city council has a spouse that is an activist does not mean their agenda is solely about their spouse’s elected office.

    • Democratic Voters in Naperville

      Hewitt needs to step down.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      What’s with all these Republican’s and pedophilia? Haven’t they learned its a crime?

      These type of posts are complete BS and divisive. Their sole purpose is to distract from the real issues our country faces today.

      There is no data or any studies that support any claim that any member of any political party is more likely to be an alcoholic, drunk driver, pedophilia, etc then any member of any other political party. And I challenge anyone making these type of comments, posts, messages, etc to provide a link to any data or study that says otherwise.

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