Some Residents Get Unexpected Surprise From City Council

It doesn’t happen often, but it happened at the June 6th city council meeting when the council voted 6 to 3 to eliminate resident cost-sharing for sidewalk removal and replacement program.

My neighbor was happy to get the news the following morning. His sidewalk was already staked-out with little pink flags and chalk waiting for a concrete repair crew to come this week for sidewalk removal / repair. His percentage of the cost-sharing would have been about $800, but thanks to the council vote removing the requirement, he’ll be able to use those dollars elsewhere.

From 2019 through 2021, the City billed residents nearly one million dollars for cost-sharing from sidewalk repair and removal. Now those dollars will be recouped through the budget, so in essence residents are stilled being billed for the cost of the program, but from a wider group of residents. One way or another, the good folks of Naperville are still paying.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    As you pointed out, the money not coming from property owners to pay this amount will have to come from another source. Either property tax increase, sales tax increase, etc.

    This just spreads the cost out to a wider bases, which to some degree is fair since well maintained sidewalks benefit every resident and not just the property owner where these repairs are made.

    • Shannon Johnson

      No they don’t. We support the DEI!

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Your blind, uninformed views of the State and City are clearly the result of not taking the time to actually use the resources available to you to find out the fact and the realities of the world. They are the result of a myopic limiting of information from only one source, or sources with only one radical leaning political perspective.

      This of course explains why you always post your comments anonymously.

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