Da Bears In Naperville

Typically when you see a picture of your mayor in the Chicago Sun Times, it’s not for good reasons. This was not the case with Naperville Mayor Scott Wehrli. Considering the adage, ‘you  miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ Wehrli took a 3-point shot and made it to force overtime in the quest to have the Chicago Bears choose Naperville for their new home.

Just when Arlington Heights looked to have the decision wrapped-up with the former Arlington Race Track becoming home-sweet-home for Da Bears, politics created huge road blocks causing Chicago Bear officials to consider other locations in the Chicago area.

Arlington is an ideal venue with its proximity to Rt. 53 / I-355 and Union Pacific Northwest / Metra. Naperville has I-88 and Burlington-Metra so a slight edge goes to Arlington depending upon where in Naperville city officials are considering.

The number one issue is funding for the new stadium. The guy with the biggest pencil and eraser will ultimately dictate that issue.

In 1984 The Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis and took the name of the ‘Colts’ with them upsetting many Baltimore fans. In 1995 the Cleveland Browns moved to Baltimore becoming the Ravens, however Cleveland was allowed to keep the name ‘Browns’ and in 1999 again fielded an NFL team known as the Cleveland Browns.

So if everything were to fall in place for Naperville would it be the Chicago Bears or Naperville Bears? Would Chicago be able to retain the name “Bears”, and if so what would the Naperville team be known as. Here’s an idea, how about the Naperville Subdivisions.

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  1. Kevin Coyne

    It’s probably a long shot, but given that it would result in hundreds of millions of dollars being spent in Naperville, the possibility should be fully explored.

  2. Awakes Naperville

    I predict Scott Wehrlis net worth will increase exponentially as mayor of Naperville.

    • NaperLadies

      We certainly know Benny’s net worth has been helped immensely with his tax dodge!

      • Awakes Naperville

        Scott Wehrli supporters still attacking minority veterans. Predictable.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        ROTF LMAO. If you believe getting a certified VA property tax benefit results in “immensely” increasing the wealth of anyone living in Naperville then you are truly clueless about the net worth of the average Naperville resident.

        • Anonymous

          I do, dodging 20k per year in property taxes is a huge windfall for Benny, a guy that post pictures of him riding around town on his bike. I have no issue with those truly injured in war, but a guy who has never even seen combat? That’s an abuse of program designed to help truly injured vets. Not some nebulous, hard to determine, supposed injury. He and Ian should be ashamed of themselves.

          • Scott Wehrli fan

            Benny, Ian and every veteran deserve
            every penny they get in benefits programs that are in place. Good for them!

          • Jim Haselhorst

            Veteran programs are for all vets, not just those you consider qualified. There are sacrifices made by veterans that have nothing to do with serving in combat or a combat zone.

            In fact over 50% of all veterans serve in support roles essential to the success of those serving in combat.

            To suddenly proclaim yourself more qualified to determine who is and is not qualified for a given veteran benefit then those who have made a career of supporting veterans and their needs is about as brass balled as it gets.

  3. NaperLadies

    Naperville should fund the bears stadium and Scott Wehrlis company do all the concrete work!

    • Jim Haselhorst

      You mean Scott Wehrlis Aurora company?

      So you support Naperville taxpayer dollars going to businesses outside of Naperville before considering giving these contracts to Naperville companies?

  4. NaperLadies

    Scott Wehrli brought Benny White to the bears meeting to show Naperville is so diverse.

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