Best And Worst Tax Dollar Expenses

The Naperville city council authorizes some large tax dollar expenses, most for needed purposes, some for good reasons, and some just to look good, but in actuality are a total waste of dollars.

Recently the council approved up to $500,000 to reduce firefighters exposure to harmful chemicals by replacing its front line equipment for protecting personnel from health risks due to existing equipment. Dollars well spent. I’m old school. If it benefits the police or fire departments and first responders, it benefits all of us. They should never have to fight for dollars to make their jobs safer or easier. That needs to be the first priority of city officials; public safety.

On the other end of the tax-dollar expense spectrum is DIE (diversity, inclusion, and equity). The City has a six-figure salaried person in charge of the department. Good for her to be in charge, but does anyone really know what’s happening that adds value for residents? Or is it simply a “feel good” effort that has no useful end result. If nothing is being accomplished, it’s probably a good thing.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Die should be dead as a total waste of OUR money and demonstrates the stupidity of most of our political leadership and the people who vote these idiots into office!

  2. Awake American

    We all know that josh mcbroom and Scott Wehrli will do all they can to ensure Naperville doesn’t recognize diversity and inclusion. They will vote to abolish these initiatives under the guise of cost savings

  3. Anonymous

    In the meantime Texas is leaving Illinois in the dust. Democrats forcing Illinois into irrelevance and continual losses of congressional seats.

    • Safe suburbanite

      Even Chic-fil-A has DEI now. Another place conservatives will try to cancel

  4. Little Elm Yapper

    Worst tax payer expense has been the Moser Tower and Millennium Carillon.

  5. Anonymous

    You might want to reconsider your statement WatchDog. When “forever chemicals” are listed as 50,000 times more toxic than cyanide you got a problem. Hasselhorst can’t understand this basic fact, but the fact remains, the city was hoodwinked into a $400,000 spend on new gear based on some idiot lawyer threatening to sue over this garbage.

    The Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) is the enforceable drinking water standard. Drinking water utilities must ensure that their water does not contain levels of chemicals that exceed the MCL. EPA proposed an MCL of 4 parts per trillion (4 ppt) for PFOA and PFOS. This is the lowest level detectable in drinking water – analytical methods cannot find these chemicals below 4 ppt.

    For comparison purposes, the MCL for cyanide, which everybody recognizes is an extremely toxic chemical, is 0.2 parts per million (ppm) – equivalent to 200,000 ppt. Since the MCLs are based on health, this translates to PFOA/PFOS being 50,000 times more toxic than cyanide, which should strike any scientist as somewhat absurd.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      So your arguement, after saying that the science does not support this expense, is now that the science is wrong?

      Sorry but you just proved my point. Thanks!!!

  6. NaperLadies

    Laura Ellman ran on an agenda of no pay raises for State Legislators then voted 5 times to raise her own salary. Her video below is rich. She’s such a liar. Janet Yang-Rohr is feeding at the public trough too. Why did Naperville vote for these two hacks?

    In January 2023, IL politicians voted themselves a pay raise to bump their base salary $11,655 = base salary $85,000 per year. But that was not enough for our money hungry politicians. After their vote this morning they gave themselves a $4,675 raise. New base salary= $89,675 per year. Within 5 months, they voted themselves a $16,330 per year increase!! IL tax payers we are paying an additional $3 Million with these raises.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      First off the state constitution prohibits any member of the legislation to vote themselves a pay raise. Yes, they vote for pay raises, but those raises only take affect after the next election, which means every voter has a chance to deny anyone elected to state office this raise by simply not re-electing them.

      Second counting multiple yes votes on the same pay raise legislation misrepresent the actions of elected offices. Illinois state legislature procedures requires the same piece of legislation to come before the legislature multiply times before final passage. To properly represent any legislators position (or actions), multiple votes on the same piece of legislation should only be counted as one vote.

      Third, this legislation was passed bi-partisanly, so it was supported by members of both major parties.

      Finally, the fact that these elected officials keep getting re-elected after voting to increase the base salary of all members of the state legislature send the clear message that the voters do not see their pay as being excessive. Your apparent assumption that voters do not know what the base salary of their elected officials are or when they are being raised simply is not supported by any factual information.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          And your lack of knowledge about the state constitution, government and politics is showing.

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