Manicured Lawns Vs Proliferation Of Dandelions

One person can make a difference in Naperville when it comes to rules and regulations resulting in ordinances, but not always with the intended outcome.  It happened in 2016 when one woman got bent out of shape after seeing a honeybee in her birdbath. The city council over-reacted (it happens) with beekeeping restrictions, but rather than tamping down beekeeping interest, there began to be a proliferation of beekeepers or at least the plight of bees trying to survive against insecticides and lawn chemicals. The upward surge has not been overwhelming, but noticeable.

Every day my wife and I take our three poodles on a car ride through the neighborhood to Whalon Lake, then west on Royce to Keim weaving towards Bailey, then south on Wehrli, and occasionally to different neighborhoods. I’ve noticed more and more yards, including my neighbor, adorned with foot-tall dandelions, that seem to pop-up overnight. I’m sure some of these ‘dandelion farmers’ do-so as a cost-cutting effort, while others dandelion-enthusiasts are supporting the honey-bee population as is the case with my neighbor.

I have another neighbor who’s lawn looks like it’s right out of issue of Lawn and Garden; immaculate with not one blade of grass out of place. My bay window looks out towards his masterpiece, while he looks out his window towards my bountiful, exquisite dandelions. The cool thing is we get along great. I suppose it helps that we are both avid Cub fans.

There is a line from a Woody Allen movie,  Anne Hall where he says there are two kinds of people, the sick and the miserable. He’s asked how do you know which group you’re in and he says, if you’re not sick, then you’re miserable. I suppose dandelion people can be divided in two groups too; pro and con.

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  1. Joan Murray

    Surprise Kurt Dorr and
    His fake accounts hasn’t commented on the post yet.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    Honey Bees maybe the most well know bees in North American, but they are not native to any of the Americas. They are an invasive species brought to this continent by colonist from Europe, where they are a native species.

    None of the over 3600 species of bees native to North America live in hives or produce honey. They live as breeding pairs with small “nests” built in trees, scrubs or the ground were they lay and tend to their eggs. This population is the one most devastated by chemicals and eco-changes, and most in need of help.

    The best why to help them is to provide them with a home. There are many online vendors that sell bee houses for native species as well as detail plans for how to make such a house.

    So if you want to help bees and would like a small project to spend a little time on I suggest building and setting up bee houses. Also a garden full of blossoming flowers provides a lot more bee nectar then dandelions. In fact a couple of Honeysuckle plants would do more for bees then a lawn full of dandelions, and they look prettier as well.

  3. Naper Greek

    Dandelions are a delicacy to us Greeks. Dandelion salad is delicious, please don’t use weed killer on my dandelions

    • Jim Haselhorst

      What? Now elected officials are not allowed to have a life outside of city council?

      You are aware the Naperville elected officials are considered part-time employee and get an annual salary of less then $14K, with not health insurance or retirement, right?

      You probably pay the guys that take care of your lawn & garden or people that clean your house and do your laundry more then this in a year?

      I always like it when people think paying council members one fourth of the average Naperville income gives them the right to critic their every lifestyle choice.

      The simple fact is that all your trash talking of Ian, Steve and others this last election didn’t even register with the overwhelming majority of voters because, unlike you, they still have a firm grip on reality. They are not lost in some metaphysical world of conspiracy theories, deep states, anti-common sense, anti-humanity were they are so pissed off at the real world for the life they have that they only care about making everyone else as miserable, disillusioned and delusional as them.

      • Anonymous

        Who said anything about Ian not being able to have a life outside of City Council? I sure didn’t. Why do you make stuff up? The twitter handle simply stated that they hoped Ian was able to use his handicapped sticker on his car for close parking at Navy Pier since he’s disabled and that they hoped he didn’t let Ashley South drive since she’s such a reckless driver. Still looking for that statement that says, Ian you can’t have a life outside of City Council. Where is it?

        • Jim Haselhorst

          You don’t consider implying that a person with a certified handicap is somehow acting inappropriately by using handicapped parking an attack on that person’s life style choices?

          So if a handicapped person gets elected to public office they have to stop using any special community considerations for handicapped people, because to do otherwise is an abuse of office?

          And just because the bogus politically motivated and biased DuPage Policy Journal writes an article about South getting 14 moving citations in 24 years (with only 2 in the last 15 yrs) does not make her a reckless driver.

          Are you saying anyone who speeds regularly is a reckless driver or just those that get ticketed get this label?

          And like it or not violating speed limits is a life style choice as well. You may not like it but it is, just like drinking, smoking, playing violent video games, etc.

  4. Safe naper

    Why does former councilman Kevin Coyne keep deleting his PAC Twitter page? He’s probably scrubbing the racist comments his supporters are posting. These comments were brought up to the chamber and it makes Safe suburbs look bad.

    • NaperLadies

      Still upset that Josh won? LOL!!!!

      • Awake American

        No it’s been nice since josh is on council. He doesn’t troll people on social media anymore like
        he used to, because he knows he can’t anymore ? he’s just another typical politician. Bigger issues than josh mcboom

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