Councilman Paul Hinterlong Thanks His Supporters

In eight days there will be a ‘changing of the guard’ in Naperville’s city council. Of the nine members on the city council, four will become history; that’s nearly 50%.

Fourteen-year member, councilman Paul Hinterlong is among the four. In a classy move, Hinterlong thanked his supporters with an appreciation party/get-together at the Naperville VFW Hall Friday. This was a way for Hinterlong to express his appreciation and gratefulness to his many supporters over the years. He wasn’t looking for votes or donations, or anything for himself. At a time when many politicians see supporters as a means to an end, Hinterlong truly wanted simply say ‘thank you’ with nothing in return.

It’s easy to be honest or sensitive, liked or respected, but to be honest and sensitive, and liked and respected is truly an art, and Paul Hinterlong has accomplished that goal. It’s easy when it’s sincere and genuine, and in Paul Hinterlong’s case it’s the real deal. He will be missed.

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  1. Anonymous

    I bet Benny, Ian, Sullivan and Brodhead were there.

  2. Anonymous

    I bet the Republican backed Scott Wehrli and the bobble heads mcbroom and coyne were there.

        • KC

          The Coyne Puppets would be an awesome name for a rock band. Hat tip to you for thinking of it.

          • JM

            Sounds like a band in the movie deliverance.

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