Grading Steve Chirico’s Eight Years As Mayor

February 28th, 2014, I received a campaign flier from then councilman Steve Chirico stating what he would do if elected mayor. Included were three bullet-points:

  • Advocate for responsible economic  development while keeping a tight rein on your property taxes.
  • Promote and ensure a strong business climate which will lead to a more diverse tax base for vital services like quality schools and safe neighborhoods
  • My priority will remain to be a compassionate and understanding servant to Naperville families, seniors, and our children.

He vowed to continue Mayor Pradel’s tradition of “honest, responsive and compassionate service to Naperville families”

So how did he do regarding his stated goals? The answer is ‘outstanding’ earning him a grade of ‘A’.

Watchdog’s criteria for a job well done was simple; be respectful to presenters during city council meetings, be consistent, and be open-minded to differing points of view.

How did he do on this? Again ‘outstanding’, he exceeded expectations.

Finally on attaching a ‘plus’ or a ‘minus’ as a differentiator to his overall job performance, he gets a plus based on the facts he never missed participating in a city council meetings and over his eight years as mayor, he started every meeting on time; not 7:10 pm or 7:05.

Punctuality is respect for other people’s time and he respected that guideline.

Mayor Steve Chirico earned an A+ for his eight years of service to our city.

Thank you Mayor Chirico.

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  1. Kurt D

    Yeah, I’m still waiting for the smart meter nut jobs to admit Chirico was correct.

  2. NaperLadies

    If I were Kim and Benny White I’d move out of Naperville. It’s such a racist town!

  3. Joan Murray

    Turns out Tiffany Stephens was a plant. Follow the money that Kevin coyne/ safe suburbs donated thousands of dollars to Stephens. For what ? She didn’t run on a safety campaign. Coynes push to overturn the campaign donation disclosure also failed!

    • anonymous

      Joan, I have no idea if she was a plant or not, but for a Democrat to whine about this is hilarious! Mike Madigan perfected this technique long ago and if Coyne used it then I applaud it! I can’t recall any Democrat whining about this technique when Madigan used it over and over and over again to elect himself as well as countless others. Can you point me to a post showing Democrats complaining about Madigan and his cronies doing this? Yeah, didn’t think so. Cry me a river, you big baby.

      • Joan Murray

        Love the partisan anonymous hypocrite person. I’m not a democrat so not sure what you’re talking about. Coyne is no better than madigan? Gotcha.. the facts remain, stephens campaign was funded by a political action committee. Same PAC who’s biggest donor is the out of state billionaire Dick Uhlein.

        • NaperLadies

          Joan Murray is your real name? Sure…………it is! I guess you must be really upset then that Pritzker gave millions to Bailey’s campaign for Governor? Can you spell H Y P O C R I T E?

          Funny how it’s great when it works for Democrats like you but, oh the horror!!!! when it backfires on you.

          • JM

            Like Naper ladies is your real name. I put my name
            Out there and am
            Not a coward hiding behind fake names.

            I voted for Wehrli, I don’t like when a PAC brings madigan style politics to local elections, maybe you do. Pot meet kettle

            Thankfully the worst candidate stephens didn’t win.

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