There’s A New Sheriff And Three New Deputies In Town

It’s official. Mayor Scott Wehrli was inaugurated today along with three new council members, Allison Longenbaugh, Josh McBroom, and Nate Wilson. Now the work really begins. It’s one thing to run for office on a platform with everything you say you want to accomplish, and it’s a totally different to do what you said you were going to do. Voters can sometimes forget what candidates said during the campaign, however Watchdog will help the new council members remember what they said to get elected.

Let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane with each new council member’s commitment to voters.

Allison Longenbaugh

  • Responsible steward of residents’ tax dollars.
  • Sustainable development for economic vitality with transparent process to meet the needs of all neighborhoods.
  • Keep Naperville as the best place to raise a family and the safest city in the U.S.
  • Be a thoughtful listener and make informed decisions.
  • Support community events to bring the community together.
  • Make Naperville affordable.

Josh McBroom

  • Protect Naperville’s future.
  • Protect your tax dollars.
  • Protect your family.
  • Promise to vote against every tax dollar levy increase that did not keep the overall tax rate flat for Naperville residents.
  • Ensure Naperville remains the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Nate Wilson

  • Bring financial and technological expertise to streamline local government and deliver better results for Naperville.
  • Encourage economic development.
  • Promote a safe community.
  • Use a common-sense approach.

We can’t forget about incumbent Patrick Kelly.

  • Responsible development.
  • Excellence in public safety.
  • Sustainable future
  • Responsible city finances.
  • A voice for residents.
  • Ensure that Naperville will remain the best place to raise a family.

Finally, Kelly and Longenbaugh support the ban on assault rifles, while McBroom and Wilson lean towards supporting the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. McBroom said the gun issue should never have been on the city agenda, but rather handled by state legislators and through the courts. Wilson said the ban was unnecessary considering the State passed its own legislation.

The first city council meeting for the new council is this Tuesday May 2nd at 7:00 PM. It’s must-see TV unless you’re watching it online, or in-person, or on a recording, or….you get the idea.

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  1. Anonymous

    Really poor form for Benny White and Sullivan not to show up. Totally classless.

  2. Anonymous

    So happy Benny White is on council and can still positively impact decisions made in Naperville. Scott Wehrli won’t be able to send Benny any more cease and desist letters.

  3. Kurt D

    Kim White probably instructed Benny to stay home.

    • Phil D

      Lynda Wehrli is jealous of Kim White.

    • Joan Murray

      Why are people allowed to mock city council family members on this page? These comments are very disrespectful. Spouses and family members should be off limits.

  4. Tax Watchdog

    We have confirmed that all 4 new council additions pay their real estate taxes. We hope this positive new trend continues as new councilmen are added to the dais.

  5. Naperville Republican Voter

    I am so glad we have Scott Wehrli who was backed by the Naperville and Dupage Republican party as our mayor. I know he said he was non-partisan, but the truth came out the day after the election. If he told the truth that he was a republican he would have never won the election. Sometimes politicians need to lie to us voters for our own good. They know best. I look forward to a successful tenure of our “non-partisan” mayor.

  6. NaperLadies

    Naperville residents received their property tax bills over the last few days, all except Ian Holzhauer and Benny White that is. Shouldn’t tax dodgers be forced to resign?

  7. Naperville tax payer

    We as citizens of naperville support veterans and the exemptions our government has given to them. Thank you Benny and Ian for your service. I apologize for the local conservatives who are attacking our veterans.

    • NaperLadies

      I don’t know anyone that doesn’t support legit injuries to veterans that don’t take advantage of the system and post pictures of themselves running marathons, riding their bikes around Naperville etc. Last time I checked Ian was JAG and I highly doubt he ever saw any active combat and Benny apparently never saw any active combat either so spare us the faux outrage of local conservatives supposedly attacking veterans. I know plenty of Democrats and Republicans (and ton of veterans) disgusted with their behavior.

      • Joan muller

        Not all injuries are physical. They qualified for a program that was offered to them by our government. Perfectly legit. Some local conservative are hypocrites when it comes to supporting veterans. If you don’t like the program then get the state to change it. I know plenty of democrats and republicans disgusted with what Scott wherli and his campaign team did along with the the local GOP groups.

    • NaperGuys

      We support Benny and Ian too. I was so angry and disgusted to see naperville republicans attack our Veterans.

  8. Richard Karblonsky

    I also don’t have an issue with Benny or Ian. I know more people who have an issue with those that attacked these veterans for partisan gain! Naperville supports Benny & Ian.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m wondering when we will get an explanation from Yang, Ellman, and Stava Murray for taking corrupted dollars from Madigan’s campaign chest? How come they haven’t given the money back? How come the Naperville lefties don’t seem to care about the Democratic corruption that never ends in Springfield? You’d think they would be ashamed and disgusted with the corruption in Springfield, yet all we hear is crickets from the progressives in Naperville like Dianne McGuire, or Nancy Turner. Why so silent?

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