Uh Oh, Somebody Forgot The Invite

The Naperville city council made a kind gesture by making a proclamation honoring the North Central College Women’s Triathlon team with their fourth National Championship. Mayor Steve Chirico called upon councilman Benny White to read the proclamation during the last city council meeting but something was missing.

Oops, somebody forgot the most important part of the recognition; the team and coach were missing. Somebody must have forgotten to invite the players and coach. Yikes. It’s possible they didn’t have time to attend, or there was no place to showcase the recognition in their trophy case. It’s also possible that someone with a great sense of humor wanted to play a joke on mayoral candidate Benny White, similar to when Biden finished a speech, turned around to shake a hand and there was no hand to shake.

So, what did White learn learn from this experience? As former President Ronald Reagan said, ‘trust but verify’, trust that someone was paying attention to detail with an invite, and verify the recipient of the recognition is present.

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  1. Grant W.

    Since the city council is a government body missing a championship team and the Georgia Bulldogs are a championship team missing an invite from a government body…Naperville could honor the 2023 National Champions.

    Food for thought.

  2. John Moravecek

    Oops egg on their faces
    We need a new Mayor and Councils members to overturn the imaginary assault weapon ordinance

  3. Anonymous


    You would THINK the Watch Dog would care about the voting record of Ashley South and other candidates but instead he writes fluff pieces.

    Look at the link above, Ashley South hasn’t cared to vote in ONE local election in Naperville now all of a sudden she wants YOU to vote for her! Talk about Hubris! Don’t waste your vote on an airhead like her, you will regret it.

  4. Jim S

    Not voting in previous elections isn’t disqualifying in our country. I would take Ashley South over the far right josh Mcbroom any day. He already showed he’s not a good steward with the tax payer dollars. On park district he showed how partisan he was with the tax payer dollars with his failed lawsuit of the governor. We are very worried about how his tribalism will negatively impact the use of our tax payer dollars.

    • Anonymous

      Except it turned out Josh was correct about Covid and Jelly Belly’s stupid mandates

    • Anonymous

      I never said it was disqualifying. Can you show me where I said that? What it does show is she is an airhead and is not a serious candidate. McBroom, on the other hand has been involved in countless community efforts and his given extremely generously of his time. Ashley South, not so much. Have you seen her in forums? She can barely put two sentences together.

  5. Anonymous

    BTW how much did those silly mandates cost the Park District? Funny how you ignore that side of the equation.

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