City Commemorates 50 Years Of Title IX With NCC Women’s Championship

The Tuesday February 21st city council meeting is a big night in Naperville, because Mayor Steve Chirico is honoring the North Central College women’s Triathlon team for its 2022 USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship, the fourth such championship in program history, while commemorating 50 years since the passage of Title IX, which guaranteed equal access to educational programs and activities including sports that receive federal financial assistance for high school and college.

In 2022, 50 years after the passage of Title IX, more than three million women were competing in high school and college sports, which according to the Women’s Sports Foundation, is two in every five girls in the U.S. play sports. Before Title IX, the number was less than one in 27.

Now with the introduction of transgender, Title IX is under attack. During the Trump administration, in 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services proposed a definition of gender for Title IX, using the person’s sex assigned at birth, as defining “gender on a biological basis, that is clear, grounded in science, and administrable”. But now under the current administration, Title IX is again under attack, meaning women maybe taking a seat in the back of the bus, as recently witnessed in women’s collegiate swimming and golf.

In the future, what will the council do, when faced with Title IX vs. the proliferation of transgender. Will they buckle to unreasonable pressure, or will they base their decision on common sense.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    This whole discussion is just a distraction from the reality that women are still prevented from competing in “men’s” sports. The majority of female athletes are not that concerned about transgenders competing as females. What they are very concerned about is how this issue is being used as a “backhanded complement”.

    This whole discussion basically says that no women is good enough to compete with a man in athletic, thus justify keeping women out of men’s sports, as well as paying them considerably less by enforcing gender based segregation of athletes.

    This attitude was used to justify keeping women out of the workforce (management, construction, elected office, etc.) for centuries and even though this has changed it is still used to justify not compensating them as equal to men.

    Sorry but this whole argument is just another example of putting lipstick on a pig.

    • Anonymous

      No one is preventing women from competing in men’s sports. To suggest otherwise is laughable. Fact is, the WNBA, women’s soccer, etc. just don’t draw because most fans don’t care. You can legislate all you want but you can’t make fans like a sport.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        Really? Then why are women that try out for men’s sports teams not given equal opportunity? Even their media coverage treats the more as freaks then athletes.

        When was the last time a College “men’s” sports team gave a scholarship to a female athlete? Even those Colleges that have female athletes on their men’s sports teams have never give a scholarship to one of these female athletes

        Again the mere fact that athletes remains segregated by gender in a society that has basically done away with such segregation, is proof in and of itself that a majority of men still think a women can never be their equals and refuses to treat them as such.

        This label of women’s teams being inferior to men’s teams it the reason men don’t watch this sports. Minor legal teams don’t get much attention but they exist solely to provide athletes for major league teams. So fan base and pay is less about quality of athletes then it is public optics. If these teams were given as much press and media attention as major league times they would have a large fan base.

  2. Anonymous

    What does City Council have to do with Title IX at Central College or any of the local public schools?

    More importantly, why do suburban woke women Democrats back Muslim candidates that hate freedom of religion, gays, and women’s rights? Very strange bedfellows.

    • watchdog

      Did you read the first paragraph of the post? The mayor is reading a Proclamation which includes a reference to Title IX.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I did, still don’t know what the City of Naperville has to do with Title IX? Please explain.

        • watchdog

          The city council meeting on February 21st included a proclamation which made a reference to Title IX. Need I say more?

    • Jim Haselhorst

      simply because the radical right is far less tolerant of religion, gays and women’s right then Muslims. In fact only Muslim extremist (few in number and zero political power in the US) have a problem with other religions, gays or women being treated equally. This can’t be said for the racial right.

  3. Frank Rizzo

    Of course the person making the racist muslim comment is too much of a coward to post their name.

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