Naperville’s Lame Duck City Council

Now that the holidays are over, we can refocus on Naperville’s municipal election which is only 94 days from today (April 4th); a little over 13 weeks from today or six council meetings.

Gone for sure will be Mayor Steve Chirico (not running for a third term), Paul Hinterlong (term-limited out), Patty Gustin already gone to the DuPage County Board, and Theresa Sullivan (decided not to run for second term).

If Patrick Kelly does not win re-election to the city council, that would guarantee more than half ( 5 of 9) would be new to the council making it a lame-duck city council. Name tags would be in order so council members would get to know each other. Robert’s Rules of Order would be in high-demand and city attorney Michael DiSanto would be the most popular person at city hall answering questions.

The good folks of Naperville could be in for some very interesting, if not entertaining times.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    Not sure why this is relevant. She is no longer on the liquor commission or any other board or commission for the City of Naperville. She also is not among the current candidates running for office.

    As to entitled, that is something we see a lot in Naperville from people of all races, genders, age, religion, etc. Unfortunately the legal profession has more than its fair share of entitled people (which makes all the good lawyer look bad). I’ve seen lawyers blatantly park in handicapped parking spaces and when I point it out to them, they get all smart ass and darn me to call the police on them, which I do (knew they were lawyers because of vanity plates & stickers that proclaim them as lawyers, first sign they are assholes).

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