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Naperville’s Lame Duck City Council

Now that the holidays are over, we can refocus on Naperville’s municipal election which is only 94 days from today (April 4th); a little over 13 weeks from today or six council meetings.

Gone for sure will be Mayor Steve Chirico (not running for a third term), Paul Hinterlong (term-limited out), Patty Gustin already gone to the DuPage County Board, and Theresa Sullivan (decided not to run for second term).

If Patrick Kelly does not win re-election to the city council, that would guarantee more than half ( 5 of 9) would be new to the council making it a lame-duck city council. Name tags would be in order so council members would get to know each other. Robert’s Rules of Order would be in high-demand and city attorney Michael DiSanto would be the most popular person at city hall answering questions.

The good folks of Naperville could be in for some very interesting, if not entertaining times.

1 thought on “Naperville’s Lame Duck City Council”

  1. On “thank law enforcement day” I think it is important to point out that I have been informed Dana Davenport is contemplating releasing her police arrest video on her own (before I get my hands on it) and claim that she abused the police verbally because she was afraid of being black and pulled over by cops in Naperville.

    If she does this it will be one of the most despicable things she can do. The police were doing their job and arrested a drunk driver. Now she’s going to try and explain her despicable behavior by using the race card? Just sickening.

    Davenport is an attorney. She posted a picture of herself the day she was appointed to the Naperville Liquor Commission to her Facebook page, with an alcoholic drink in her hand at Hugo’s, while displaying her city issued Naperville Liquor Commission badge! Now she is apparently going to try and shift the blame to her fear of being pulled over by Naperville Cops!

    If she does this I hope the City of Naperville and the Naperville Police department will condemn this blatant attempt to excuse her poor behavior and shift the blame to where it doesn’t belong. Maybe Ms. Davenport should just apologize for being an entitled jerk?

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