Watchdog Admits To Voting For Patty Gustin

I did it. I voted for Patty Gustin to become a DuPage County Board member. Now before you start calling me unkind names and throwing big or sharp objects in my direction in an effort to cause me great bodily harm, let me explain why I did it:

  • Prove that if she can win, anyone can win
  • Show that by leaving the Naperville City Council and joining the DuPage County Board, she has simultaneously raised the composite and average IQ of both groups.
  • Guaranteed shorter city council meetings

I did this for you, and yes, for me too. A bit altruistic, but also selfish on my part. If you run for enough public offices, you’re bound to win something sooner or later. And who doesn’t want shorter meetings. Gustin has a gift of saying things without making much if any sense. And finally, the IQ fact is simply a matter of numbers. Subtract the low IQ person, increases the average IQ of the remaining group, and adding that person to a new group of even lower IQ, raises that overall IQ. It’s magic.

If there was a way to get Gustin elected in a different state, I would record an endorsement for publication, and if in a different country, I just might actively campaign for her.

“A Vote For Gustin Is A Vote For Word Salad”.

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  1. Naperville Moderate Democrats

    Has anyone seen Benny White attend a council meeting prepared? All he does is sit there and pander to insane Democratic activists. The City of Naperville will be a hyper-partisan circus if he’s elected Mayor!

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Just because White does not have a compulsion to hear the sound of his own voice the way Gustin and others do, does not mean he is unprepared.

      His comments and questions are to the point, clearly base on being informed and concise. That is what military train results in, people that don’t waste time on pointless chatter and get the job done.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    Still playing conspiracy theorist. Other then your innuendo, there is nothing that points negatively to Councilman White in this person arrest.

    As I remember when this first happened you claimed the “ringleader” of this conspiracy was Chirico, which you continued to do until Chirico announce he was not running for re-election at which point you fell silent on this matter.

    Now, suddenly, after Councilman White announces he is running for mayor your pushing this conspiracy again only now the “ringleader” is Councilman White.

    That the nice thing about conspiracy theories, you can easily shift the focus of them because they are not based on any fact just innuendo.

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