Judge KO’s Council Candidate

Apparently the egregious omission of not numbering the pages of a city council candidate’s nominating petition sheets, will get a candidate kicked out the door harder and quicker than a failed challenge of an objector’s mayoral candidate’s proof of residency for a full year year prior to this year’s municipal election.

Oh, the shame of Derek McDaniel tying to hoist pages without numbers. Never mind in 2020 he was named a Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce ‘4 under 40 Achievement Award winner’; it’s all about numbering the pages. Who cares if he is an up-and-coming strong leader with an abundance of talent that the city council desperately needs, what about numbering pages,1,2,3, and 5 comes between 4 and 6.

Whereas proving that you’ve been a resident of Naperville for a full year prior to the election is a minor inconvenience; an insignificant bit of unimportant trivia. OK, so she used an Aurora address to vote and file income taxes since 2018, big deal right. What’s important is that she was living, sort of, at her 1240 Iroquois Avenue business address, and stayed with family and friends occasionally. Who hasn’t stayed with family and friends, and then called it home. What is important is that she numbered her nominating pages all the way from #1 to whatever; that is proof of solid leadership, numbering those pages, just like in kindergarten.

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  1. Mark Urda

    I agree that residency issue should have disqualified the candidate but so should not filing petitions correctly per the statute as the other 10 candidates did. As nonpartisan City Clerk stated in both cases, the law is clear but the initial outcome was in denial of this fact. The appeal process partially reversed this errant partisan decision by the Mayor and Councilman Hinterlong. No ideal but at least more correct than the initial ruling.

    • Joan murray

      Stephens should have been disqualified. Dems only challenged because they knew Kevin coyne was backing and funding this 3rd candidate. It will be worse next election as the right wing PACs in town have only grown.

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