Naperville Mayoral Candidates Doubled In Size

The number of Naperville mayoral candidates has doubled in number, with the addition of Naperville councilman Benny White bringing the total of candidates to two.  White joins Scott Wehrli, business executive, as the only two in the race. With 177 days remaining before the election (April 4), there is plenty of time for numerous others to join the fray.

White was elected to the Naperville city council in 2017. Prior to joining the council, White served  on the Indian Prairie District School Board from 2012 – 2017. White said he has been thinking about entering the race for mayor for quite some time, though Mayor Steve Chirico just recently announced in July that he would not seek a third and final term.

White said, he “wanted to make sure it was the right fit for the community, and more importantly the right fit for my family”.

White has taken a safe leadership role on ‘diversity, inclusion, and equity’ topics. It’s important to remember that ‘equity’ is not the same as equality

During White’s 5+ years on the council, he has taken a ‘play-it-safe’ position on most issues which is effective for a council member, however being the mayor requires making the hard decisions; doing what’s needed rather than what’s wanted. It’s not always the most popular position to take.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    What a link in city government? Say it isn’t so?

    The reality is that many people handle a foia request an anyone of them could inform the person involved.

    In fact if the documents requested contain any information that qualifies as protect by federal law and could not be redacted for some reason, then the person involved would have to be contacted and informed of the requests so they are given a chance to legally challenge the request and prevent this disclosure of federally protected information.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      That should be leak not link.

    • Kurt Dorr

      It was a standard FOIA request to the Naperville Police Department for a DUI arrest.

  2. Kurt Dorr

    And Benny’s PhD in Values Driven Leadership? What the heck is that? Sure seems like a mail order PhD to me. I mean if it was in English, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, History, or some other rigorous program I wouldn’t be quite so skeptical. But this seems like a, “hey pay the fee and you can get a PhD!” baloney program to me.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Executive programs for doctoral and master degrees in many fields are commonly available from just about every major universities and colleges in the US and have been for over 50 years now.

      So there is nothing “baloney” about these programs. If you had ever enrolled in one of these programs you would know that they have to complete the same amount of classroom hours and course credits as the normal degree programs.

      They just do it in a very condensed and high intensity environment. Typically these programs involve 10 hours of field specific course work a day, every weekend for anywhere from 1 year (example Masters in Taxes) to 3 years (example Juris Doctored in Law).

      Having been a student in both a “normal” masters program and an “executive” masters program I can tell you the difference between the two is like drinking from a glass compared to drinking from a fire hydrant.

      As to the field of study, Value Driven Leadership, again most universities and colleges offer a wide variety of degrees in various forms of Leadership. Degrees and training in Leadership are in just as much in demand in the business community (at the senior management and executive – “C-suite” levels) as those in Management. Having a degree in Leadership is often one of the requirements for a “fast” track manager.

      • Kurt Dorr

        Give me a break! It’s a joke and everyone knows it. Benny rarely says anything in council meetings, only speaks when his wife Kim sends him a text and tells him what to say. I have had multiple people tell me he is usually unprepared for council meetings.

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    I was addressing your attack on this educational credentials, which is all your original post was about.

    You said nothing about his actions on city council until your reply, which again is totally unrelated to your attack on is educational credentials.

    Are you trying to change the subject?

  4. Kurt Dorr

    Funny how Patty Gustin can get Swastik’s pasted to her campaign signs and not a peep is heard from anyone. Where are Benny and Kim White condemning this behavior? I can’t hear you Ian, Sullivan, and Kelly!! Why so silent? Can you imagine the outcry if someone posted something racist on one of Benny White’s signs? There would be an enormous outpouring of anger led by Dianne McGuire and her minions, letters to the editor, police investigations, etc. When it happens to a white woman, crickets. Nice double standard Naperville.

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