The Most Interesting Man In Naperville

It’s agreed by many, that the most interesting man in the world, is the Dos Equis man. Here is a small sampling:

So if he’s the most interesting man in the world, who is the most interesting man in Naperville? How about Peter Portincasa. If you said “who?”, then you probably didn’t see the Public Forum (also known as the ‘Airing of Grievances’) portion of the September 20th city council meeting when Mr. Portincasa spoke and covered 12 topics in just three minutes including the following:

  • Speeding
  • Library Parking
  • Social Security
  • President Nixon
  • Vietnam
  • $32 trillion in the hole
  • Abe Lincoln
  • President Harry Truman
  • General MacArthur
  • Drop the big one (nuke) on the Chinese
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Hitler

Mayor Chirico said afterward, “that’s a lot to unpack”.

Watch and listen to the ‘most interesting man in Naperville’ as he grabs the attention of the city council, and rolls through the list of 12:

As the most interesting man in Naperville, he likely has a list of things he can do including the following:

  • He can line dance in a circle.
  • If he ran for office including mayor, no one would oppose him.
  • He can challenge his shadow to a duel and win
  • If he jumped into an active volcano, he would cool it off.
  • When he swims in a tuxedo, it never gets wet.
  • He could get Putin to pull out of Ukraine by simply telling him to do so.
  • In the wild, tigers run away from him.

He is the ‘Most interesting man in Naperville’

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Bob, you are scrapping the bottom of the barrel on this one, but it was funny.

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