You Too Can Be A Watchdog

Being a Watchdog is a very simple process; watch, listen, learn, and write. Of course, you need to have interest, time, and a website makes it easier.

When Watchdog started in December 2010, a Naperville councilman said Watchdog would be gone within a year, and here we are, 12 years later still going with a few more left, GOD willing. That councilman moved on to the State level for a short period of time, and ultimately fizzled out.

If you look at your tax bill, you will notice that the largest eater of your tax dollars is your school district; either District- 203 or District-204. Then in distant second place is the Naperville Park District, followed in third place by the City of Naperville. The local school district or the Naperville Park District are golden opportunities for Watchdogs to appear. There is always more room for city council Watchdogs. In fact, Watchdogs can pop-up wherever there is a need.

A few years ago, there was a group called Naper Change. They did a real nice job of presenting local issues to residents.

You don’t have to be Chicago columnist Mike Royko to be a Watchdog.  Anybody can do it.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    Be a watchdog for the Park District maybe harder then you think. I remember having a conversation with a local journalist about the Park District and there board meetings. They complained about how hard it was to find out when and where board meetings were going to be held, specially meetings when they would be discussing the budget. And Naperville board meeting minutes are not anywhere near as complete as city council meetings. Also Naperville Park District board meetings are not video record or broadcast.

    Don’t believe me? Go ahead give it a shot

  2. Kevin Coyne

    There should be a law passed that all elected bodies have to videotape their meetings and maintain social media accounts with those videos posted. It’s a lot easier for officials to raise your taxes, etc. when no one is going to sees them do it. There is no excuse with today’s technology not to have tape of a meeting.

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