Say It Ain’t So, Mayor

Things seem to be changing at a quickening pace. Things you can count on are becoming fewer and far between. Consistency is becoming less consistent, we are surrounded by change. Being able to rely on something or someone is becoming a distant memory.

Now the most recent change came last Monday morning when Naperville’s Mayor, Steve Chirico announced he won’t run for a 3rd mayoral term in 2023, by saying he feels as though he has ‘checked all the boxes’. Good for Steve Chirico. He can now have more time for family including his wife Julie, seven children, and seven grandchildren, with soon to be number eight.

Chirico mentioned the job could be a ‘grind’. He has had to deal with a number of issues including the COVID pandemic, George Floyd protests, a few racial situations, and a couple of proposed appointments to a commission and board resulting in a brouhaha on social media all of which he has successfully navigated through the storms.

Most politicians leave office much better off financially, than when they entered; that’s not the case with Chirico. In fact, he has taken a hit financially by not being able to pursue lucrative contracts with his flooring business, in order to avoid  the appearance of conflict-of-interest.

Mayor Chirico has been very good for Naperville and succeeding him will not be easy for whomever follows.

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  1. I purchased my floor tiles (3 rooms and foyer remodeled and updated) from the Mayor’s company 30 years ago. Have been very satisfied with his inventory. Never a problem. Disappointed he is leaving. Deep concern for who is the Mayoral replacement. Naperville is a great town that has so much to offer. Proud to be here that long.

  2. James

    God help Naperville if it’s Benny or Ian!

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