North Central College Kicks Police, Businesses, And Residents To The Curb

North Central College, and specifically President Troy Hammond is no friend to Naperville residents, businesses, and precisely Naperville’s Police Department.

This became crystal clear when North Central College (NCC) granted permission to the Naperville Police Department (NPD) to use a residence building as a staging area for about a dozen standby special response tactical officers if needed during a protest in downtown Naperville, then during the protest, the college withdrew permission and requested the NPD officers to leave campus.

Hammond was quoted as saying, “police presence of this kind causes trauma” to the psyche of faculty, staff, and students, and for that he was “sorry”. Hammond was OK with contributing “trauma” to Naperville residents by withdrawing support for the city by having college officials request the NPD leave college property.

Numerous times NCC has requested help from the city for various reasons, and the city has provided that help, but when it came time for the city to ask the college for help, NCC slammed the door in the face of the NPD, thereby doing the same to Naperville residents and businesses.

In time NCC will be back asking the city for help. We can hope city officials will remember how inconsiderate the college was in a time of need for residents.

If and when NCC needs the help of the NPD, you can be sure college officials will be calling the NPD. Maybe NCC should try to quell the disturbance first before making that call. Let’s see if NCC President Hammond, if he is still employed by the college, can deal with the uprising on his own.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It would seem President Hammond flunked basic Community Relations 101 not to mention Government Relations.

    He and his staff of Liberal Democrats helped sponsored and supported the demonstration that resulted in the damage to our community.

    He should beg the city’s forgiveness for the city not prosecuting his punk students braking the curfew which would have prevented the riot in the first place.

    No wonder this country and our city is in trouble. We have idiots running the schools and cities!

  2. Nancy

    Obviously he failed to notice the traumatic effect of rioters on his teachers and students or were they part of the rioters? Guess the trauma caused by the police was because the police were there to stop these privileged elites from destroying other people’s property. Is that because their parents forgot to tell them no ever? And gave them participation trophies.

  3. Joe

    What do you expect from our educational system. Very sad that they think this way. Defund any city money to NCC

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