There Goes The Neighborhood

What used to make for a comedy skit on SNL (Saturday Night Live) has now become real-life news. Illinois prisons are opening their doors releasing ‘bad guys’ into communities. If this doesn’t trouble you, then you will be delighted to know that more violent offenders will soon be joining those already released. Inmates won’t need a key to get out, they will simply walk thru the revolving door. If being a police officer is not difficult enough, this adds more difficulty.

WREX: Almost 4,000 inmates released from IL prisons, 64 convicted of murder

What this means is there could be 4,000 or more new neighbors, including 64 murderers, moving into your neighborhood. For those of you, including a former Naperville city council woman, who want Naperville to become a “Welcoming city”, this is your chance to get out your ‘Welcome’ mats.

Just when Illinois Governor Pritzker is asking/demanding the rest of us stay confined at home, he is letting thousands walk out of prison. It was unclear whether Pritzker made the announcement from his second home in Florida, or from his vacation home in Wisconsin. Both Florida and Wisconsin are safer than Illinois, plus they provide Pritzker more distance between himself and the inmates he released.

How is this connected to the Naperville city council? That’s an easy answer. With COVID-19 playing havoc with Naperville’s revenue streams, the city council will be looking for ways to cut expense. This is no time to reduce Naperville’s Police Department budget. It’s vital to the residents and businesses in Naperville to be as safe and secure as possible. If anything, the NPD should be provided with as much additional support as possible.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    We all know politicians of either strip punish the citizens by always cutting the real justification for their existence, Safety and Security of their citizens! Instead of cutting the fat and bureaucrats they always go after the cops and firemen.

    People are feed up with this crap and hopefully hold these people accountable if they dare do this yet again.

    They should have keep Naperville open since some of these big months wanted a sanctuary city. Why not protect OUR people instead of illegals?. They should have fought tooth and nail to keep our small businesses alive and open instead of caving into our manic governor.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    Were is you proof Pritzker has left the state of Illinois since the stay-at-home or lock-down order was issued? I hear a lot of people making statement that imply he has left the state, but when ever I ask for proof all I get is crickets.

    As to all the prisoners released since the lock-down started, for the last couple of year the Illinois Department of Corrections has been releasing between 3,000 to 3,500 prisoner per month because of completed sentences, parole, charges dropped or trail completed and found innocent.

    In fact according to Justice Watch there have only been a few hundred prisoner released early because of COVID-19 by the Illinois Department of Corrections and all were within 6 months of completing their sentences. Also a far number of those were 60 or older. Those released because of COVID-19 were all give good behavior credit or placed on electronic detention.

    So the impression given that thousands of hardened criminals were released on society by Pritzkers orders is completely bogus. The release of all most all of these prisoners was the result of a court order not and order from Pritzker.

    And as to the increased risk to citizens by the release of these prisoners, will it is not any a greater then it has been for the last couple of year because Illinois has been releasing 35,000 to 45,000 prisoner annual. This is mostly due to the fact that Illinois has the second highest incarceration rate of all the states.

    So when you incarcerated 45,000 new prisoner each year you have to release 45,000 each year to make room. This was happening long before this pandemic.

    • watchdog

      OK Jim, as for Pritzker being out of state when he made the announcement to release ‘bad guys’ from prison, if it were you, would you prefer to be in Lake Geneva, Miami Beach, each having fantastic ice cream shops, or Springfield, Illinois? No one has ever said Pritzker doesn’t know a good ice cream shop when he sees one.
      Based on the rest of your comment, I think we can put you on the list willing to accept these folks to your neighborhood, or inviting them to shelter in your home.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        Were I might want to be is not the issue. The issue is were is your proof that JB has left this state, at anytime, after signing his stay-at-home EO? I have not even seen this claim made by anyone in the media, so were are you getting it?

        Your flippancy is at times amusing, but when used to avoid discussing a issue you raised it is more telling then amusing.

        • watchdog

          Jim, I think you would have to agree with me about Pritzker’s ability to fly under the radar (no pun intended) and disappear when it suits his needs. I am not one of those who believe he has doppelgangers or look-alikes as Hitler did, but it does make one wonder, though he does have the ability to make Illinois residents walk in lock-step with regard to wearing masks.

          • Jim Haselhorst

            So you admit you have no proof JB has ever left the state. All you have is innuendo supported by the your assertion I can not prove he hasn’t.

            Congratulation!!! You have captured the essence of every conspiracy theory that has ever existed. I think you may have found your new calling when you “retire” from the watchdog.

          • watchdog

            Jim, we can agree to disagree, it’s OK. Watch those left-hand turns, they can be brutal.

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