Naperville Councilman Krummen Says Not A Hardship But A Choice

When Naperville approved the Water Street Project, a huge development in downtown Naperville, it signaled the move from Naperville being known as family friendly, to the new era of making Naperville a destination of entertainment. Two things that Naperville does not have a shortage of, are restaurants and liquor licenses, both of which are essential for entertainment.

One of many fine eateries in Naperville is Sullivan’s Steakhouse located at the northeast corner of Chicago and Main Street. One amenity you won’t find at Sullivan’s is outdoor seating, at least for now, and it appears that Naperville councilman, John Krummen, wants to keep it that way. It’s not that he doesn’t like outdoor seating, it’s that he doesn’t like the idea of showing favoritism for one restaurant over others.

Watch and listen as councilman Krummen respectfully disagrees with City of Naperville attorney to the liquor commission, Kavita Athanikar regarding issuing a temporary permit for outdoor seating:

Krummen showcases that construction is a choice, not a hardship, and therefore it would be unfair to allow one restaurant outdoor seating while denying other restaurants the same request. That makes good sense to me. It may not be common sense, but keeping a level playing field does keep it fair.

The other concern, is that when construction is complete, Sullivan’s most likely will request to keep the outdoor seating since they already have it. In other words, Sullivan’s could do what government typically does; ‘incremental creep’, small steps that lead to unfavorable results. That location is not conducive for outdoor seating, pedestrians, and traffic.

If the issue comes up for a vote, and if Krummen is the only council member to vote against outdoor seating, chances are good that when you go to Sullivan’s for dinner you’ll find Krummen waiting in line for a seat, while his council peers are enjoying their meal while seated either inside or outside.

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  1. Mike

    “…if Krummen is the only council member to vote against outdoor seating” is unlikely, since well over 90% of the votes taken by this Council are unanimous. This is a group which follows the Mayor’s direction.

  2. They can put a porch on the roof like the competition did.

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