Labor Day Weekend, Last Fling, What To Write About

Typically I am never at a shortage of topics to write about. Often times I will have three or four postings already written just waiting to be posted. I am a big fan of timing and action, planning ahead and knowing the posting dates (Sunday and Thursday) and knowing the topics and titles. Then it’s just a matter of composing the thoughts in some logical order and this generally occurs when I’m in the shower. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have no distractions or because of the beads of water thumping on my head, but by the time I dry off, I’m eager to pound the keyboard. From start to finish, it may take an hour too complete the posting.

The best material always comes from the Naperville city council meetings in the form of embeds, so the order of the postings will shift. Watching and listening to council members in their own words is worth far more than any comments I can add. My comments are in black and white, while the embeds add the color and flavor.

This time however, I had no idea what to write about. It’s Labor Day weekend, the Last Fling is in full throttle, the Presidential campaign is in the final turn, the Cubs are on fire, football is just getting started, school began recently, and well, you get the idea. So much is happening, who is going to read a Watchdog posting this weekend.

All week, I thought I would write a posting about Harry Potter night in downtown Naperville and how council woman Becky Anderson (owner of Anderson’s Book Store) was full of joy and a big winner ($$$) with the help of the local newspaper, local television channel, and indirectly (or maybe directly) got the council to approve the event and expense, while no one even knows the name of the manager of Barnes and Noble book store.

Then I thought another posting on the soon-to-be new City of Naperville flag might be interesting. What happens next year when Naperville Central students want to change the city flag and improve what the Neuqua Valley students did, but then in two years Naperville North students will want to change it again. Does anybody have any idea how expensive it is to change the city flag and everything that goes with it from business cards to painting water towers. And if expense is no issue, then why are city officials charging residents a fee to use Municipal meeting rooms.

Then I thought about writing a posting about Smart Meters (electrical) starting fires on the homes of residents throughout the country. And what about Naperville’s SECA funds; money here, money there, money everywhere being used for all sorts of things.

That’s when I decided to take a shower, and listen to the Cubs game. No distractions, no creative thinking, nothing but water beads pounding on my head.

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