Councilwoman Obarski Has It All Wrong With BASSET

There must be times when Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico thinks he is dealing with a dais half-full of misfits. Of course he would never admit to it. He has too much class to do that, and the fact is that he has to work with the other eight council members. Wouldn’t it be interesting to crawl into his mind occasionally when he is driving home after a council meeting reflecting on the night’s events and the folks he had to listen to.

If it wasn’t for the ‘need’ to be politically correct, I’m sure he would have some classic comments for folks addressing the council and other council members wanting face-time during meetings. For example, during the last Naperville city council meeting, councilwoman Rebecca Boyd-Obarski brought up an idea about BASSET (Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training) in Naperville. Currently all servers of alcohol in Naperville are required to take the training, and then be re-certified (with training and education) every three years, which also is a State of Illinois requirement. Councilwoman Obarski would like to see re-certification be changed to yearly rather than every three years. Watch and listen as Obarski presents the idea:

Are you kidding me. Every year. That’s outrageous. Let’s take it a step further. Let’s do it monthly. Or better yet, why not require every server to review a one-minute Cliff Notes style video version of the training before serving any alcohol drink. I mean if a little bit of training (every three years) is good, then more training yearly has to be even better. And before serving each drink would be the best. Naperville likes to set a high bar (pun intended) when it comes to being first or the best with everything. Being the first kid on the block with a new-style Pogo stick is not always a wise idea.

This is a classic example of councilwoman Obarski’s mind-set for over-regulation. No consideration is given to unintended consequences. Fortunately for businesses and residents of Naperville, Mayor Chirico (who is also the liquor commissioner) is sitting behind the steering wheel at the dais and can tactfully lead the council in the right direction, which is exactly what he did.

How refreshing it would be, if he could occasionally say, “councilman/councilwoman, you must be nuts”. For those of us  viewing it online or live on TV, we have the luxury of not needing to be PC.

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  1. Gerard Schilling

    Taking about education, reviews and certifications. There was a time some years back when a citizen of our Camelot reminded council that there is the requirement for annual State of IL elected,appointed as well as hired city employees have an ethics course and that it be recorded and registered with the state..

    FOIAing this record from the city resulted in no data being available according to our chief council at that time or was it that she did the training and had erased the records on her personal server?

    In any case why don’t our illustrious leaders first go about checking on their own requirements for law and order administered ethically instead of harassing our law abiding citizens with more onerous requirements?

    • Jim Haselhorst

      It is true that by state statue, the Open Meeting Act and Freedom of Information Act, training is required in these subjects. It is not required for all members of elected or appointed committees or boards. What is required is that each such entity designation at least one member to be their representative (point person) in these areas and that that person be certified as trained on their designated subject matter. As to employees of government organizations, there again the training is only required for persons who’s work duties / responsibilities would involve them in these subjects. The city’s Chief Council should surely have received such training and be aware of these requirements.

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