Naperville Councilmen Have To Pay To Play

We’re not talking about the Illinois Lottery (You have to play to win), and we’re not talking about former Governor Blagojevich’s scheme to sell the Illinois senate seat to the highest bidder which landed him in the Greybar Hotel.

What we are talking about here, is the appearance of the ‘Grim Reaper of city officials in’ the form of citizen John Kraft when he used his three minutes of Public Forum time to ‘out’ Naperville councilmen Dave Wentz and Joe McElroy, alleging that both have been delinquent in their electric utility payments to the city, which under state law disqualifies each from serving on the city council.

Watch and listen as John Kraft states his case, followed by McElroy interacting with the speaker, while Wentz is conspicuous in his defeaning silence:

McElroy was supposedly late 6 times out of 30, and councilman Wentz totally outdid McElroy by allegedly being late 22 times out of 24. It seems like it would have been in Wentz’s benefit if he could have been late in all 24, thereby using the excuse he has been using the wrong calendars (1913 and 1914) for the last two years (plausible deny-ability).

Acting city attorney, Jill Pelka-Wilger, chimed in by suggesting that Kraft file a complaint with the DuPage County state’s attorney’s office, since it’s not the City Council’s decision to unseat a council member. I had the feeling while watching the drama unfold, that Naperville councilman Bob Fieseler was ready to make a citizens-arrest and drive both McElroy and Wentz to the State’s Attorney’s office.

Citizen Kraft suggested in so many words that both McElroy and Wentz should resign on the spot,  pack up their lunch boxes, and leave. However both stayed, which made sense, since it was very cold outside.

McElroy’s 24 out of 30 equates to a success rate of 80%, or good enough for a low ‘B’ grade at any Ivy League school. Not bad. And Wentz’s 2 of 24 success rate (8%) might qualify as a back-up QB for the Bears.

It’s a good thing that I’m not a Naperville council member, since I too would have been called out by citizen Kraft. Just last month, I realized I hadn’t paid a Cook County property tax bill because the bill had been sent to a wrong address. I paid it, including the late fee, but that would have qualified me to be in Fieseler’s car along with McElroy and Wentz. Mistakes happen, but 22 out of 24, that’s a stretch even for a politician.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    If they can repeatedly thwart the tax paying citizens wishes on things like referendums, district representation, smart meters, electric rates etc. it’s only fair and proper that nanny state laws, rules and regulations be fully used to crucify them. The problem with all these crazy laws is the way selective prosecution of them is used to punish political enemies. It serves them right! Get the nails and hammer ready I’ll donate the left over Christmas tree.

  2. Empeach the scoundrels

    You shouldn’t be surprised. Dave Wentz started his career as a councilman walking on the edge of impropriety. Remember his victory party at the township office because he still possessed the keys? No permission, just keys.
    And to Councilman McElroy, what difference does it make how late you paid – you paid late! What a smug attitude on his better than thou sour puss.

    They should be held to the same “legal” standards they held the smart meter petition people to, if the law states no arrears, that means no arrears!

    But don’t expect the city attorney to do her job and enforce the law, she’s busy finding ways to prosecute citizens for protecting their property from the government thugs of Naperville.

  3. Ed James

    I think Mr. Kraft should follow the city attorney’s advice and submit a claim to not only the State’s Attorney, but the Attorney General and the Election Commission and see what happens. Nobody should think that these people would do anything about this. We’ve all seen how they roll.

  4. Tim Casey

    I find this type of arrogance and behavior unacceptable in my elected officials. The law is the law and if they are breaking the law, then they need to resign. It’s the right thing to do. The only other time I have seen McElroy get passionate was when they were talking about taking away the health insurance from the city councilmen. Now he can’t pay his city bill on time. Seems to me the only time he gets excited is when it affects him personally. Where is that kind of passion when fighting for the tax payers??

    As for Wentz, is anyone surprised? He was late paying his portion of his healthcare bill when on the Naperville Township board ( This guy continues to get elected even though he doesn’t pay his bills on time repeatedly. That falls clearly on the residents of this city for continuing to vote for him each election.

    April can’t come soon enough. There are two incumbents that clearly need to go and they are McElroy and Wentz!! We can do better.

  5. Kirk Allen

    Late property tax bills do not qualify as those are due to the county so its not a debt to the municipality.

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