Naperville Residents Want Fewer Merry Christmas Wishes From City Officials

Sometimes you know it’s not going to be a good call when you look at caller ID or hear someone’s voice, and invariably you’re right. Same thing happens when you look at the ‘From’ line on an email, or go to your mailbox and look at the sender’s name, most notably when bills arrive.

When is the last time you received something in the mail from the City of Naperville and you were excited to receive it. The last time it happened to me is when I received an electric bill from the city and realized it was my neighbor’s bill mistakenly delivered to me.

The City of Naperville is not a source of good news for residents. Watch and listen to resident Sandy Glass when she addressed the Naperville city council during the Public Forum portion of the November 18th meeting as she refers to unwanted ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes from city officials.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Naperville city officials had good news for residents. Maybe a city owned vehicle with a loud speaker driving by your house and thanking you for watering your lawn on the right day at the right time. Or using the loud speaker to recognize a home owner for painting his or her house. Maybe even stopping by a lemonade stand and buying a cup of lemonade while congratulating the kids for working to earn money. Or how about surprising residents now and then with a letter in the mail thanking them for helping to make Naperville a great place to live.

Councilman Paul Hinterlong, during the same meeting, did make an effort to provide residents with a ‘Merry Christmas’ when he mentioned water rates might not increase as much as planned.

It’s almost like someone saying, that rather than hitting you in the head four times with a two-by-four, they were going to do it only twice. Now there’s a reason some joy.

In fairness to councilman Hinterlong, he did give an assist to Mother Nature, and he did add a bit of needed humor, to the meeting. Now if only we could get fewer of the typical ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes from Naperville city officials, we’d all be much happier.

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  1. Buck Naper

    This is how a community can go broke. Naperville Settlement wants to build a $30M museum to store and “interpret” (whatever that means) artifacts and documents. It needs the taxpayers to “gift” them $10M to leverage the other $20M required. What happens if they can’t leverage the other $20M? Will it be another Bell Tower? How much will it cost taxpayers each year to staff, provide pensions, pay health insurance and benefits, insure and maintain this facility? The city is admitting they are having financial problems, yet the spending continues. When will the taxpayers cut up the Council’s credit cards and bring financial sanity to our great city?

    “A legacy grant of $10,000,000 from the City of Naperville will serve as the cornerstone gift. It will be leveraged in order to raise the additional $20 million required to bring Scott’s Block and the immersive, learning laboratories envisioned to life. With this size of investment required to bring the project to fruition and improve this important City’s asset, the City’s support is needed to attract other funders and provide assurance that the City of Naperville as property owner not only supports the project but sees it as a lasting legacy that will serve people not just upon its opening but in perpetuity.”

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    Only insane or corrupt politicians bankrupt other people (tax payers) by spending what they don’t have to enrich their crony buddies and themselves. Follow the money and who is behind this and other fiascos which have become the norm for this crazy city’s politicians.

  3. Tim Casey

    There is an election coming up in April, find the 8 candidates you like and vote for them!! We are at a great place in history, we have the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over. If you don’t like the incumbents, then don’t vote to reelect them. If you want to make real change, then research who is running for city council and Mayor and get out to vote for your candidates!! Educate yourself, this is the time to let your voices be heard!!

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