Naperville Residents Not Getting Money’s Worth From Councilman Wehrli

Something was missing from last Tuesday’s Naperville city council meeting. That ‘something’ was lame duck councilman Grant Wehrli. He no sooner gets elected to the Illinois House of Representatives, and he becomes a no-show for his city council responsibilities.

When he was last elected to the Naperville city council, 11,003 residents took the time to vote for Wehrli, but he didn’t take the time to show up for the meeting. In essence he breached his contract with those who voted for him. Wehrli said during the election that he wanted to represent the residents, and 11,003 voters said “O.K, represent us”.  His contract with those voting for him was like a promise, and the nature of a promise is that it remains immune to changing circumstances. Well, so much for Wehrli’s promise to residents.

It’s possible councilman Wehrli was doing something ‘important’ and couldn’t make it to the meeting. Maybe he was meeting with lobbyists downstate, maybe he was decorating his new office, maybe he was admiring himself in the mirror. It’s also possible that he really had a legitimate reason for ‘blowing off’ the meeting. Unfortunately issues do arise, health or family-wise that need immediate attention. And if that’s the case, then we truly hope the situation is resolved. The fact of the matter is that he was a no-show. A simple communication would have been appropriate; ‘Councilman Wehrli couldn’t attend the meeting tonight because of pressing issues.’

If any the rest of us don’t show-up for work, we call the boss and inform them of the reason. It’s simply a common courtesy no matter what the reason. Councilman
Grant Wehrli has a ‘boss’; it’s the people who elected him, all 11,003 and also the other 130,000 who he supposedly represents.

When it comes to a promise, apparently councilman Wehrli is only as loyal as the options which he has available.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    He like most politicians do more damage when present then when absent. In this guy’s case his absence added to the civility of the proceedings by the absence of his insufferable supercilious arrogance and stuffiness.

  2. Dan LaStrada

    Wehrli represents himself. Expect him to pal around in Springfield, have drinks at all the right places, get his nose nice and brown working on his next step up the ladder. I live on the east side and have seen that from my rep Ron Sandack, a worthless self-promoter. His latest is claiming he stopped SB16. This from a guy who voted with Madigan on the big issues every time his first years in Springfield.

    Sick and tired of Democrats who pretend to be Republicans.

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