Naperville, To Recycle or, Not To Recycle

I have five days remaining to choose which (if any) recycling cart I want, and I’m feeling the pressure. Should I recycle or not, and if so, which of the three carts should I use; the 32-gallon large cart, the 64-gallon industrial size cart, or the 96-gallon (big as a Buick) cart. Guilt tells me I should recycle, city officials tell me I should recycle, however common sense tells me if city officials think something is a good idea, it’s probably not, like so-called Smart Meters.

Naperville city officials want us to recycle because they accepted a $900,000 grant from the State of Illinois, (which is nearly bankrupt), to partially pay for a new recycling center being built in Naperville at a cost of $1.2 million. So city officials have to come up with about $300,000 (tax-payer dollars), hence city officials are “pushing” recycling. If I recycle, I become an enabler of the city and the state, by supporting the city council’s insatiable money-grab from the State , which doesn’t have the money. Dr. Phil would send me to rehab.

Naperville city officials are embarrassed that other communities recycle more than Naperville, and residents are recycling less and less. So basically city officials are asking us to recycle, before they ultimately and forcefully tell us that we ‘must’ recycle.

I needed to find out the truth about recycling, considering it wasn’t coming from city officials, and found it on a 30-minute segment from Showtime’s “Penn and Teller B.S” about recycling. I have included the link to the show . For those of you with less time for viewing, I have included the following embeds.

Watch and listen as professor and author Dan Benjamin, Clemson University, sets the table.

The following shows (with some spicy language) where recycling and Naperville’s city officials may be taking us.

Next we have a glimpse of city officials training residents.

So what about the idea of saving trees? Watch and listen.

What about recycling creating jobs?

How about other myths?

Is there no room left for trash?

Finally, the following is the answer to Naperville’s electric problem and doing away with the Smart Meter fiasco. It’s a win-win-win for city officials, the budget, and residents.

Is the Naperville city council comprised of environmental fascists?

I now have my answer about recycling? Naperville city officials say, ‘do it’, so I’m not doing it.

But now I have a new dilemma? What if they physically force a recycling cart onto my property like they did with armed police forcing a so-called Smart Meter on my home. Solution: I am going to get a recycling cart, and simply store ‘stuff’ in it, like tarps, drop cloths, bird feed,  footballs, basketballs, and baseball bats.


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  1. Recycler

    The part that chaps my behind is this – if you don’t pay for a cart, you won’t get your recycling picked up any more. And, if you choose a smaller sized cart, you still have to pay the $3/month for 12 months. Furthermore, there’s no way to find out the sizes of the carts (actual dimensions) so I can determine whether or not it fits well in my garage with both cars in it. Let’s just make it a little MORE difficult for those of us that like to recycle to do so. Thanks a BUNCH.

  2. whatsup

    Naperville seems to always invest taxpayers money in obsolete scams.. Hamburg Germany incinerates most of its trash using advanced technology that eliminates the landfills, rats and runoff of contaminated liquids, reducing it most trash and plastics to ash. The old landfill concept is mind boggling ridiculous. BTW, why aren’t the companies that use recycled trash paying Naperville for the carts and hauling?

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